FieldLogs Latest Version APK for Android

FieldLogs apk
FieldLogs apk

Standard Work & Field Data Capture. FieldLogs is offered by Trekea Mobile, Inc.. Last Updated: December 01, 2016. Current Version: 2.8.4

Systematize your work with procedures to work much more efficiently and reliably.

Professionalize your business and continuously learn with illustrated and informed procedures, instructions, checklists, or conditional sequence of steps to formalize an activity to be performed in your context.

Simple to use and ready out-of-the-box, FieldLogs is full featured and integrate seamlessly into your enterprise processes. Seamlessly execute and geo-locate jobs with rich media on detailed maps. Share Jobs in real-time or later with your coworkers in this fully Cloud-enabled solution and collaborate. Edit post-job, geo-search, and download to Microsoft Excel® or use our APIs for professional report generation.


Design your templates to systematize the activities that matter to your business. Design them to work more efficiently, more reliably, and collaboratively. Illustrate them brightly.


Apply your template to perform an activity. From start to finish, the job will run through the template guiding the user and steps will be executed according to the template logic. Restart a job anywhere. Edit it later. Every action is recorded and can be accessed in real-time or through powerful analytics.


Share your jobs in real-time with anyone and collaborate. Viewers will see every step live and can collaborate with you to solve a problem or advise you on what to do for the next step.

Share your jobs when complete to provide an evidentiary record of the tasks accomplished, or even for training purposes.


In the same vein as templates, Jobs can capture everything around you through video, pictures, voice, or simply your own comments. Jobs can also track if desired a discrete or continuous GPS track hence rendering the context in an even more vivid manner.


Run your jobs on smartphones, or tablets, and even simply via a web browser on your computer. Edit them like-wise.


Design and enhance your template on an intuitive and full featured web-based designer with full comfort. But also when on the go with your smartphones and tablet if need be.

Get it now for FREE.

NOTE: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. However FieldLogs has a special step-by-step acquisition mode that significantly saves battery life.

What’s New


* Buf fixes


* Bug fixes

* Job preview

* Non-runnable templates

* Scan code in search

* Disabled steps


* Bug fixes

* Step and template facets


* Bug fixes


* read-only steps

* new template options: map on/off, initial run view, GPS mode


FieldLogs 2017

Download FieldLogs for Android

Download FieldLogs APK for Android

FieldLogs 2.8.4 screenshot

FieldLogs screenshot 0FieldLogs screenshot 1FieldLogs screenshot 2FieldLogs screenshot 3FieldLogs screenshot 4

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