Easy-Schichtplan – Simply see when which layer.


Simply see when which layer.

Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 0Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 1Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 2Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 3Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 4Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 5Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 6Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 7Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 8Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 9Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 10Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 11Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 12Easy-Schichtplan screenshot 13

Over 2500 pre-shift patterns integrated, thus should be something for everyone,
if not there is still the layer modular, so you can easily create your own layer systems.

The great thing, you create not only their own but also for e.g. friends or colleagues, there is no limit.

And so it works:
Enter layer sequence, choose a date from when you want to start, then created the App 5000 days your shift schedule in the future.

If you change time, no problem, just press on the day and change the layer your layer.

Language effectively English / German / Czech / Polish / Dutch / Russian

Share function, so you can, the currently displayed month parts of e.g. SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

It can all colors (layer type app) are set to infinity.

Backup system ensures all settings u. Schichtplände restore.

-Multiple ShiftCalendar different users in a widget display.
rename -Schichtnamen
Create -Tagesbemerkungen separately for all existing users.
-Schulferien Germany
-Public holidays
open -Wecker
open -Terminplaner
-day Memory
Create holiday separately for all existing users.
Create -R tag separately for all existing users.
Create -Krank separately for all existing users.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/hIq15Q


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