DEWALT Tool Connect – A smart solution to connect & control your Bluetooth® enabled DEWALT Products.

DEWALT Tool Connect

A smart solution to connect & control your Bluetooth® enabled DEWALT Products.

DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 0DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 1DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 2DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 3DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 4DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 5DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 6DEWALT Tool Connect screenshot 7

Introducing DEWALT Tool Connect™ mobile app. Our smart solution to receive alerts about, connect with and control your Bluetooth® enabled DEWALT 20V MAX* batteries when paired with a compatible smart-phone or tablet. Once connected and within the Bluetooth® range, you can use the app to identify, enable/disable, and check your battery’s diagnostics.


– New Tool Added : 20V MAX Bluetooth®-enabled Large Area LED Light**:
-> Remotely Turn On / Turn Off, Program Light with Scheduled times, Powered by 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT™ batteries or with AC extension cord.

– Get Control Over Your Bluetooth®-enable DEWALT Batteries:
-> Remotely monitor state of charge, enable or disable your battery packs. If you lend a battery pack, you can even control how long the pack can be used.

– Real-Time Battery Diagnostics:
-> Diagnostics on the Tool Connect™ app allow you to determine if your battery is too cold or too hot to operate properly. It can also alert you when the battery is finished charging, or in need of charging.

– Custom Notifications and Alerts
-> If you lend your battery, the app’s lend feature will allow you to set the battery to disable itself after a predetermined time frame rendering the battery useless until it’s returned. You can also create a “virtual fence” for your batteries at the jobsite.

For information on Tool Connect™ and DEWALT’s 20V Max* Bluetooth® Batteries visit:

* – Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.
** This product is currently available only in North American region.

See more information and download apk file:


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