BuddyDo – Community Tools – The productivity tool for better collaboration in communities.

BuddyDo - Community Tools

The productivity tool for better collaboration in communities.

BuddyDo - Community Tools screenshot 0BuddyDo - Community Tools screenshot 1BuddyDo - Community Tools screenshot 2BuddyDo - Community Tools screenshot 3BuddyDo - Community Tools screenshot 4

BuddyDo is an app to enhance your community activity experience by starting community collaborations with tools such as Events, Tasks, Albums, Notes, Polls, Files and Chats for you to form communities, organize groups or share moments with your buddies. Use My Upcoming to see all upcoming items related to you in the next seven days. From engaging in community and group discussions to planning events to building a photo album together, BuddyDo has you covered. The communities and groups can include as many as 1,000 members. You can add buddies within the communities and groups.

Community is for a larger number of people with similar interests or goals and wish to collaborate and enhance teamwork on social projects. There are seven types of communities: interest, alumni, neighborhood, health/medical, association, volunteer, religion and other.

A community can contain multiple smaller groups for a more concise communication and collaboration.

For all your communities and groups: friends, buddies, family, colleagues, SOHOs, classmates, teams, communities, clubs, neighbors… any community and group that you can think of, BuddyDo is your go-to app!

Your community, your way: Easily create and run your own community and create smaller groups within to start collaborating. You can also explore and join communities and groups you are interested in. Add a buddy and share precious moments!

It’s all about collaboration with your community, your group or with your buddy: BuddyDo is all about helping you to get things done and achieve the best group activity experience. Whether you need to discuss your next family gathering, decide on a venue for a night out with your colleagues and buddies or plan the next challenge for your cycling team, BuddyDo has all the productivity tools to take the chores out and put the fun back in.

Buddy Do – Do more together!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/OlnL41


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