Batappli Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

download Batappli Mobile apk
download Batappli Mobile apk

Batappli Quote bills – Check Batappli from your smartphone!. Batappli Mobile is offered by Laurent Costes. Last Updated: December 01, 2016. Current Version:

The new version of the application Batappli Mobile is now available. In addition to its new look, it offers various new features, including the ability to sign a customer directly on his mobile and taking notes on photos.

Batappli Building Software is a management application to make estimates, invoices, situations, followed, planning and maintenance contracts.

Batappli Mobile lets you connect to view real-time management and enhance photos and sound recordings. The mobile application also allows to sign a document directly to his client.
– View her estimates, invoices, customer records, table away aboard
– Access to its encryption library
– Complete management of elements (photos, audio memos, signatures)
– Print PDF documents with its choice of its layout
– Call, SMS or e-mail to a contact
– Save contacts records in its Android smartphone or tablet
– Proposal route to the address of your contacts from your current location
– Wallpapers offered

– The Batappli software (PC or tablet PC) Version: 5.42.05 ff
– An internet access on their mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with Android 4.2 minimum
– Batappli launched on his work computer connected to the Internet

Previous versions:
version 2.5
– Viewing details of interventions in work orders
– Managing supplier invoices
– The side menu with the minimum actions: “return to home” and “disconnect” is now present for all the application windows
– Viewing the general schedule employees and subcontractors in list
– Viewing schedule of contacts in list
– Viewing appointments
– Added the ability to configure multiple users and can change quickly
– Automatic connection that in the office WiFi or traveling in 3G / 4G
version 2.3
– New Interface
– Added favorites and last actions
– Slide the screen to:
  * Call, send a text message, an email, locate a customer
  * Print documents
  * Add an element (photo) to your documents, contacts and articles / books
  * Save your customers in contacts from your smartphone
  * Back to home
– Added the launch presentation images to improve grip
– Various improvements for tablets and high resolutions
version 1.3
– Added mail
– Improvements in the display of PDF documents
– Improvements in the selection of layouts and page background PDF documents
– Improved image quality in adding items
– Improved image quality for HD screens
version 1.2.1
– Supports devices with large screen and without telephony.
– The documents and task lists are now sorted by most recent fault first
– The sort selected in the lists is now saved (Contacts, Documents, Tasks, Articles and Books)
– Improved display of contracts and documents

What’s New

Nouveautés 3.6.3

– Amélioration de la compatibilité avec certains périphériques.


Batappli Mobile 2017

Batappli Mobile APK

Download Batappli Mobile

Download Batappli Mobile APK

Batappli Mobile for Android

Download Batappli Mobile for Android

Download Batappli Mobile APK for Android

Batappli Mobile screenshot

Batappli Mobile screenshot 0Batappli Mobile screenshot 1Batappli Mobile screenshot 2Batappli Mobile screenshot 3Batappli Mobile screenshot 4Batappli Mobile screenshot 5Batappli Mobile screenshot 6Batappli Mobile screenshot 7Batappli Mobile screenshot 8Batappli Mobile screenshot 9Batappli Mobile screenshot 10Batappli Mobile screenshot 11Batappli Mobile screenshot 12Batappli Mobile screenshot 13Batappli Mobile screenshot 14

Batappli Mobile apk video

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