Webinato Mobile for Webinars – Webinato Mobile is the attendee app for webinars hosted on the Webinato platform

Webinato Mobile for Webinars

Webinato Mobile is the attendee app for webinars hosted on the Webinato platform

Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 0Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 1Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 2Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 3Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 4Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 5Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 6Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 7Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 8Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 9Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 10Webinato Mobile for Webinars screenshot 11

Please NOTE this app is optimized for the iPad with wifi connections.

Webinato Mobile is the attendee app for the Webinato platform available at http://www.webinato.com and which lets presenters deliver much more engaging and media-rich webinars.

The Webinato mobile app supports the vast majority of all features available on PC or Mac.

The following features are enabled: live voice, chat, polling, slides, screen share viewing, documents folder, white board, video player including YouTube videos, music player, Cobrowser, announcements, Notes, live web page sharing and eCurtain.

Features not supported at this time: Survey module (the Polls do work however), Closed Captioning, Map module.

Please note upon installation, DO NOT launch the app since you must launch the app from the browser based login page for which you receive a link via email from the webinar organizers. This means you need to open the link you receive via email in your mobile device’s browser first, then tap the “Enter Webinar” button from that page. Why do you need to do this? The reason is the webpage will pass into the app the information about the webinar session, your host company, etc.

If you wish to create your own engaging webinars, visit webinato.com/free on a PC or Mac.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/sv8nii


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