Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds Latest Version APK for Android

download Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds apk
download Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds apk

2017 calendar in Portugal, with the ability to add notes. Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds is offered by Rhappsody Technologies. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 3.1

*** AdFree Version ***

2015 Calendar, 2016 and 2017 in Portugal, with the inclusion of all national holidays and anniversaries.

National holidays are marked in red.
The holidays are marked in green.
National holidays celebrated on a Sunday are marked in green, so they can be distinguished.

The application also provides many additional features:

– DAILY NOTES. Write your notes by choosing a background color (from 5 available) for later identification. You can edit or delete any number of times.
– NOTES ANNUAL. You can mark birthdays, and with this option the note is automatically repeated each year. As in the case of daily, notes are identifiable by a background color, and you can modify, delete, or turn them into NOTE DAILY later.
– NOTES MULTI DAY. You can select multiple days at once to include the same daily note in all of them and identify them, as always, with the color of your choice.
– SUMMARY OF NOTES. See a list of all the notes you added.
– NOTIFICATION. You can set a notification on the recorded event and get the notice at the time you choose.
– CHANGING THE WEEK FIRST DAY. You can even choose the starting day of the week, Monday or Sunday.
– SAVE DATA IN SD CARD. You can easily save a backup on the memory card of all the added notes. You can save as many copies as you want, giving them the name you want for each of them.
– RECOVER SD CARD DATA. Easily recovers from the memory card, all backups you have previously saved.

Please if you have questions or suggestions, tell us via our e-mail

What’s New

– Ícone do aplicativo Atualizado 2017

– Estabilidade melhorada


Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds 2017

Download Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds

Download Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds APK

Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds for Android

Download Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds for Android

Download Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds APK for Android

Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds 3.1 screenshot

Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds screenshot 0Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds screenshot 1Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds screenshot 2Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds screenshot 3Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds screenshot 4Portugal Calendário 2017 NoAds screenshot 5

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/JSuwxE

Android Productivity Apps download https://goo.gl/gow64A


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