LandsWater – Landscape irrigationWatering plan


Landscape irrigationWatering plan

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Irrigation of landscape, parks and gardens. Watering plan.

Irrigation, ie the amount of water and its distribution, number of irrigations, depends on the plant, soil and climate. The run time also depends on the installation.
Therefore we must calculate the needs of plants for watering schedule.
Programmers do not calculate the irrigation needs of plants and just clocked the distribution of water without any agronomic criteria. Even the most sophisticated irrigation controllers connected to the web do not solve the calculation of the needs and complexity of programming weekly change make unfeasible to schedule irrigation so versatile and user-friendly.

LandsWater makes their watering programs are smart and adapt to the real needs of the plants. Calculate the amount of water, the number of irrigations and duration, depending on the climate in your plot and its plants. Prepares annual irrigation schedule, and sent to the irrigation controller.

Why use LandsWater?

★ GREAT SAVINGS: The irrigation water deficit, the rising cost of m3, rising electricity rates, episodes of drought and climate change, makes LandsWater help you save water and perform efficient irrigations using climate data updated every day.

★ COVERAGE: currently provides coverage to 216 Nations by 40,000 weather stations, reference evapotranspiration calculated by FAO Penman-Monteith method.

★ INNOVATION: Use the results of research projects, based on experience in research in irrigation, is an evolution of the document Wucols (University of California Cooperative Extension, California Department of Water Resources), by Francisco Catalan, Agronomist, University of Valencia.

★ GLOBAL: Use the location of his mobile phone to use data from the nearest stations and the coefficients of the zone, depending on the plants, stress, microclimate, planting density and soil evaporation in any part of the world.

★ SMART: See details of the nearest stations that have validated data, if a station fails, another nearby will provide the data. Send the Annual Plan for Zones to the irrigation.

★ ECOLOGICAL: You can get savings of 40% water, adapting to the real needs of the plants. Notifies the diversion of Annual Plan needs regarding scheduled. Your plants will be splendid and comply with local restrictions. Repaid prior to its investment in the irrigation system.

★ CUSTOMIZABLE: Can be modified to your specific case, its climate data, greenhouses, mesh, moisture probes, also adapted for the prevention and treatment plant. Multizone program, urban gardens, vertical gardens. Ask us.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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