goalmap – SMART goal setting Latest Version APK for Android

download goalmap - SMART goal setting apk
download goalmap – SMART goal setting apk

The personal growth app to reach your life goals and stop procrastinating. goalmap – SMART goal setting is offered by goalmap. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 2.8.0

## 40 000 people are chasing their life goals on goalmap, the perfect app for your personal growth. Join our community and stop procrastinating! ##

Aren’t you tired of taking resolutions that you then break due to a lack of time or motivation? Wouldn’t you like to build new habits that actually stick, introduce positive changes in your life and get a better work-life balance? Then try goalmap! goalmap is a self-development app which helps you set, track, and reach your personal goals in all fields of life. Whether you want to lose weight, start meditation, read more regularly or lead a healthier life, goalmap offers you an effective approach for building good habits and reaching your goals.

With goalmap, all your life goals are now in one place. Take control of your life and fight procrastination to build a better life balance and stick to your resolutions.

”A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Abraham Lincoln.
People who set clear goals in their lives (SMART goals) have twice more chance to reach them! Bring the power of goal-setting into your life!

1. Find the inspiration to start new challenges – Hundreds of life goals are waiting for you on goalmap, in all areas of life: Wellness, Sport, Productivity, Knowledge, Creativity, Personal Finance, etc.

2. Set clear goals for what you want to achieve – Define your personal targets: reading one hour a day, exercising twice a week, saving 300 dollars a month or lose 10 pounds within a year. goalmap relies on the SMART goal setting method, an effective tool for setting objectives.

3. Build positive habits – The immediate feedback you get as you make progress helps you create better habits and stick to your resolutions. You want to wake up early, write in your diary every day, or eat healthier? goalmap will help you build good habits – and fight bad ones. Stop procrastinating and build a new work-life balance! .
4. Know where you stand at all times – Your personal graphs tell you in real time what remains to be done. The colors show you if you are on track to reach your goals. Focus on what matters.

5. Stay motivated – All along your personal growth journey towards a better life balance, goalmap supports you with expert tips, cheerful messages, and reminders which help you stick to your resolutions.

## Our users recommend goalmap ##
“Love it. Has given me clarity for the day to day, once in life time, and everything in between. Finally the app I have been looking for.” Matt
“So many goal apps have interfaces too complicated and overwhelm me. This one is just right. This app is very cool. Thank you.” Lisa

If you have any questions, please send us an email at feedback@goalmap.com, we’ll be happy to help. Join our personal growth community on Facebook (facebook.com/goalmapcommunity) and Twitter (twitter.com/wearegoalmap) for wellness tips and a daily dose of motivation!

Download goalmap now and become the best version of yourself!
See you soon,

The goalmap team

What’s New

Hi goalmapper, a few nice improvements for this update:

– The congratulations messages vary more. We didn’t want you to get bored reading the same texts again and again 😉

– You’ve just set a new goal on goalmap? Share the good news: inspire or challenge friends and make yourself accountable. Studies showed you’re more likely to succeed if you let others know about your goals 🗣

We’ll be back in a few weeks with a BIG update!

Keep up with your goals,

Damien, Benoît & Arthur


goalmap – SMART goal setting 2017

goalmap – SMART goal setting for Android

Download goalmap – SMART goal setting for Android

Download goalmap – SMART goal setting APK for Android

goalmap – SMART goal setting 2.8.0 screenshot

goalmap - SMART goal setting screenshot 0goalmap - SMART goal setting screenshot 1goalmap - SMART goal setting screenshot 2goalmap - SMART goal setting screenshot 3goalmap - SMART goal setting screenshot 4goalmap - SMART goal setting screenshot 5goalmap - SMART goal setting screenshot 6

goalmap – SMART goal setting apk video

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