GeoWorld PRO – Coordinate transformations between datums and projections (Lat/Lon, UTM & more)

GeoWorld PRO

Coordinate transformations between datums and projections (Lat/Lon, UTM & more)

GeoWorld PRO screenshot 0GeoWorld PRO screenshot 1GeoWorld PRO screenshot 2GeoWorld PRO screenshot 3GeoWorld PRO screenshot 4GeoWorld PRO screenshot 5GeoWorld PRO screenshot 6GeoWorld PRO screenshot 7GeoWorld PRO screenshot 8GeoWorld PRO screenshot 9GeoWorld PRO screenshot 10GeoWorld PRO screenshot 11GeoWorld PRO screenshot 12GeoWorld PRO screenshot 13GeoWorld PRO screenshot 14GeoWorld PRO screenshot 15GeoWorld PRO screenshot 16GeoWorld PRO screenshot 17GeoWorld PRO screenshot 18GeoWorld PRO screenshot 19GeoWorld PRO screenshot 20GeoWorld PRO screenshot 21GeoWorld PRO screenshot 22GeoWorld PRO screenshot 23

• Hundreds of predefined datums and ellipsoids
• User-defined datums
• Lat/Lon and UTM projections
• Real-time GPS mode for continuous transformation
• GPS position with altitude above Mean Sea Level
• Metric, imperial units and different formats of coordinates
• New Video Tutorial for beginners (Preferences -> Video Tutorial)
• Contextual hints for beginners
• Basic / Expert view switch when working with coordinate systems
• Quick LatLon/UTM buttons
• Built-in EGM96 geoid model
• Custom numeric keypad for easier input
• Automatic zone detection

PRO FEATURES (purchasable in the in-app store)
• Altitude above Mean Sea Level is displayed for manual transformations too [new]
• Elevation
• 4000+ EPSG coordinate reference systems
• Over 130 parametric cartographic projections
• Creating user-defined coordinate systems and ellipsoids
• South-oriented coordinate systems (South Africa)
• Datum transformations based on grid files (NADCON, NTv1, NTv2)
• Vertical datum transformations based on geoid grid files (GTX)
• Web mercator transformations (Google Maps, Bing, OSM)
• Batch transformation of coordinates from/to TXT/CSV files

GeoCoord User Manual

GeoWorld PRO

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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