FalcoPos gestione ristoranti – App for managing your restaurant, pizzeria, bar, beaches

FalcoPos gestione ristoranti

App for managing your restaurant, pizzeria, bar, beaches

FalcoPos gestione ristoranti screenshot 0FalcoPos gestione ristoranti screenshot 1FalcoPos gestione ristoranti screenshot 2FalcoPos gestione ristoranti screenshot 3FalcoPos gestione ristoranti screenshot 4FalcoPos gestione ristoranti screenshot 5FalcoPos gestione ristoranti screenshot 6

Before writing ******* nonsense you read what the application does ********
The application allows the sending of commands to the server software and can not ‘adjust the price.

FalcoPos is the first version for android software FalcoPos
management of restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, bars, beaches, comande.

Finally back on PlayerGoogle FalcoPos for Android, anyone in possession of software for windows FalcoPos food release and has Android terminals can ‘use the application in question.

Essentially the app allows you to take orders at the table, make additions, establish the necessary outputs of the dishes, send preconti, receipts, and closing the table.

Avoid writing negative feedback if you do not own the license server for windows.

There are 2 types of licenses an argument that allows you to manage a room with several tables and the cash point, up to 3 devices, the other full that lets you manage more ‘salt, point casso n devices, warehouse, statistics and more.
for more info visit http://www.falcopos.it
I am available for any questions that stakeholders want to do.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/mqhtlz


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