DefectRadar – Smart construction documentation


Smart construction documentation

DefectRadar screenshot 0DefectRadar screenshot 1DefectRadar screenshot 2DefectRadar screenshot 3DefectRadar screenshot 4DefectRadar screenshot 5DefectRadar screenshot 6DefectRadar screenshot 7DefectRadar screenshot 8DefectRadar screenshot 9DefectRadar screenshot 10DefectRadar screenshot 11DefectRadar screenshot 12

DefectRadar – The defect management system for your construction and facility mangement projects

DefectRadar is a time and cost-effective defect management software for architects, engineers, construction managers and facility managers. Create defects directly on your drawings on-site and attach pictures and text. Record defects directly on construction sites with localization on construction plans. Easily add pictures and text to the recorded defect to enhance your processes. Defects can be reviewed, adapted and forwarded to subcontractors or partners for repair and completion. A web application supports you in your office. The procedures are documented automatically and secured in the cloud. Thus efficient communication of project partners and consistent verification of defects is ensured.

This revolutionary application was rewarded with the A1 Startup Award in 2012.

Efficient defect management:

• Add pictures and text to the recorded defect on the digital plan
• Standardized defect lists everywhere and every time available
• Assign defects directly to your subcontractors
• Intuitive design

All features at a glance:

• Current plans and defects are available everywhere and every time on construction sites and at meetings
• Record and edit defects online and offline
• Position defects simply on plans
• Add pictures and text messages to defects
• Set status and deadlines, select type of defects and defect categories
• Assign defects to contractors or to groups
• Progress tracking
• Structured levels and building units
• Notification function
• Add comments to each defect
• Detailed defect tracking and documentation
• Extensive filter functions
• Defects displayed in list format
• Zoom function for plans
• Unique and continuous sequential defect numbering
• Statistics

Defect Radar was awarded by the A1 Telekom Austria in 2012 – Winner A1 Startup Award

Twitter: @DefectRadar

Detail information and download apk file:


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