Clari: Salesforce Supercharger – Quick access to deals and updates means less time updating CRM.

Clari: Salesforce Supercharger

Quick access to deals and updates means less time updating CRM.

Clari: Salesforce Supercharger screenshot 0Clari: Salesforce Supercharger screenshot 1Clari: Salesforce Supercharger screenshot 2Clari: Salesforce Supercharger screenshot 3

Clari for Salesforce maximizes your personal sales productivity by making updating your deals faster and simpler than ever before. Connect Clari to your email account and it becomes more powerful than you could possibly imagine: Prepare for meetings by quickly accessing all of your account-related emails, drive deals forward with instant access to your sales contacts — even read up on the most recent news on your prospects. Clari makes maintaining and driving your pipeline so easy it’s, well, a little ridiculous.

Download Clari for Salesforce now, and you’ll get:

– Powerful pipeline inspection: Get everything you need to know about your Salesforce deals and make updates with a few taps
– Better meeting prep: No more frantic app hopping. A single tap delivers deal history, relevant sales documents, and even prospect news
– Avoid red flags: Clari alerts you when you are falling behind and helps you keep an accurate forecast
– Slash or eliminate Salesforce CRM update time: Clari captures key information automatically or with a simple tap between meetings

Why Reps love Clari:
– Automatic capture of email and calendar data
– Fast, quick updates
– 2-way Salesforce communication
– Reminders for important deals
– More Selling time

Why Managers love Clari:
– Complete pipeline visibility
– Real-time notifications
– Visualize deal progress
– More selling, more revenue

See more information and download apk file:


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