Summary Scanner Latest Version APK for Android

download Summary Scanner apk
download Summary Scanner apk

Automatically summarize any document in seconds. Yes, really. Summary Scanner is offered by Summary Scanner. Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.2

Summary Scanner is the most powerful mobile scanner for office, business, and personal use.

Quickly create a digital copy of any document to summarize, translate, revise, share, or export as a PDF in seconds.

Transform your mobile device into a summarizer for everything.


– Summarizer: A SparkNotes for Everything
Quickly get comprehensive summaries of physical books, articles, and any other forms of text. Simply upload or take a picture and receive clear, concise summaries, never leaving out important info.

– Mobile Scanner
Convert any paper file into a digital, editable, and searchable copy in seconds. Never retype or lose files again

– Searchable, Digital Text
You can’t Ctrl-F on paper to find the words you’re looking for. Summary Scanner reads your scans and then allows you to search for precisely what you’re looking for, be it document titles or notes

– Share in Seconds
Share the file as plain text or as a PDF to email, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), or cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) and many more

– Export as a PDF File
Export scanned documents as a PDF file for enhanced security and compression instantly

– Text-to-Speech
Have files read back to you aloud so you can focus on things that matter

– Recognize and Translate
Download language packages to have documents recognized in languages other than English and translated to any language

We’d love to hear your feedback:
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Latest Updates

– Significant increase in scanning accuracy

– Reduction in scanning time by 31% to 47% depending on document length

– Scanning in any language is now resolved


Summary Scanner 2017

Summary Scanner for Android

Download Summary Scanner for Android

Download Summary Scanner APK for Android

Summary Scanner 1.1.2 screenshot

Summary Scanner screenshot 0Summary Scanner screenshot 1Summary Scanner screenshot 2Summary Scanner screenshot 3Summary Scanner screenshot 4

Summary Scanner apk video

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