Schedule Deluxe Plus Latest Version APK for Android

download Schedule Deluxe Plus apk
download Schedule Deluxe Plus apk

The ultimate helper for all pupils, students, teachers and even parents. Schedule Deluxe Plus is offered by Tobias Schürg. Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version:

School Schedule Deluxe – the ultimate tool for school, college and university.

This app is for organized students who want to have full control of their whole school-routine, students who want to have an overview over their courses or parents who always want to have their kids timetable with them.

In addition it is also possible to comfortably administer homeworks, holidays, exams and grades.
At the first sight this app might seem a bit complicated, but once you understand the principles, you won’t want to miss it.

To put the matter in a nutshell, I’ll give you some of the top reasons for downloading Schedule Deluxe:

1.) Main functionality: The timetable itself
You can create multiple schedules with as many lessons as you like. The colors of the subjects can be chosen freely.
In addition to the (classical) week view there’s also a day of the week view. Futhermore you can take a screenshot of your schedule and send it to whoever you want.

2.) Exams and grades
Beside adding exams and their dates it is also possible to group exams by topic or subject, add grades and automatically calculate the average.
In addition, examination dates may be copied to the calendar.

3.) Homework assignments
with priority and due date

4.) Holiday manager with online database
Holidays can be created manually or be downloaded from our online holiday database.

5.) Silent mode
The silent mode can be enabled so that your phone is automatically muted during lessons.

6.) Many configuration possibilities, Widget, Backup …
Desktop widgets so that you always know what’s up next.
(note: widgets only work if the app is stored on the phone, NOT on SD-Card!)

Have fun with the app.

For further details and questions:

To help with the translation:

For feedback and improvements:

What’s New

– ready for Android 7.1 with app shortcuts!

– reworked widgets

– improved account management

For the latest changes see:


Schedule Deluxe Plus 2017

Schedule Deluxe Plus APK

Download Schedule Deluxe Plus

Download Schedule Deluxe Plus APK

Schedule Deluxe Plus for Android

Download Schedule Deluxe Plus for Android

Download Schedule Deluxe Plus APK for Android

Schedule Deluxe Plus screenshot

Schedule Deluxe Plus screenshot 0Schedule Deluxe Plus screenshot 1Schedule Deluxe Plus screenshot 2Schedule Deluxe Plus screenshot 3Schedule Deluxe Plus screenshot 4

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