SASCOM Latest Version APK for Android

SASCOM download
SASCOM download

SASCOM Magazine, a publication targeted at executives and technology users. SASCOM is offered by SAS INSTITUTE BRASIL LTDA. Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version: 3.5.0

The SASCOM Magazine is a publication aimed at business decision makers and technology users about the benefits that analytic intelligence and SAS technology lead their companies and businesses.
A quarterly basis, the SASCOM brings success stories from customers of SAS, showing how technology ensures competitive advantage in their businesses, as well as articles of opinion leaders in the market, news, and news about the SAS.
From issue # 25, totally overhauled, the SASCOM is available not only in print but also in digital format, via the web, and the new app. You can access and download the app by QR Code. Plus, the online versions include various interactivities in extra content such as:
· Photo galleries

· Audios

· Videos

· Links, and more.

See how to identify the features using the icons inside the magazine.
About SAS
SAS is the market leader in solutions and Business Analytics and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market services. With innovative business, supported by a platform for business intelligence applications, SAS helps customers at more than 77,000 facilities to improve performance and deliver value by making more accurate decisions and faster. Since 1976, SAS gives customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW ® (The Power of Knowledge). In Brazil since 1996, the Brazilian subsidiary has 200 clients, offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, about 170 employees and operates in different sectors such as finance, telecommunications, retail, energy, government, manufacturing and education. THE POWER TO KNOW ®. / Brazil

What’s New

– Melhorias gerais



Download SASCOM APK for Android

SASCOM 3.5.0 screenshot

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