JobLogic Latest Version APK for Android

download JobLogic apk
download JobLogic apk

Mobilise your workforce. JobLogic is offered by JobLogic LTD. Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.46

JobLogic Mobile provides a real-time interface between the JobLogic Service Management System and your engineers’ smart phone or tablet devices.

JobLogic Mobile allows operatives to receive useful job information such as address, assets, office comments and site notes.

Engineers can capture time sheets, notes, parts, expenses, mileage, photos and signatures eliminating the need for paper jobs sheets and expensive trips to the office.

Bespoke forms can be developed for replacing additional paperwork such as risk assessments, gas and electrical certificates, equipment service sheets and customer satisfaction forms.

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Latest Updates

• Ability for engineers to see other visits for the same job on visit detail screen.

• Ability to perform Vehicle checklist while traveling to job.

• Ability for engineers to notify back office with important visit notes..

• Ability for engineers to filter assets on by System Id.

• Visual indicator on top bar to show device connectivity.

• Ability to view job attachments on attachments visit action button.

• Ability to view visit end dates and order number on visit list screen.


JobLogic 2017

Download JobLogic for Android

Download JobLogic APK for Android

JobLogic 1.0.46 screenshot

JobLogic screenshot 0JobLogic screenshot 1JobLogic screenshot 2JobLogic screenshot 3JobLogic screenshot 4JobLogic screenshot 5JobLogic screenshot 6JobLogic screenshot 7JobLogic screenshot 8JobLogic screenshot 9JobLogic screenshot 10JobLogic screenshot 11JobLogic screenshot 12JobLogic screenshot 13JobLogic screenshot 14JobLogic screenshot 15JobLogic screenshot 16JobLogic screenshot 17JobLogic screenshot 18JobLogic screenshot 19JobLogic screenshot 20

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