GoAuditing Latest Version APK for Android

GoAuditing apk
GoAuditing apk

Capture data and evidence of Trademarketing from the point of sale. GoAuditing is offered by Paxia IT. Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.6

GoAuditing is the mobile application of GoRetail Platform, which allows you to capture data and photographic evidence associated with implementation activities trademarketing in the outlets of modern and traditional channel. Promoters, vendors and auditors can capture various online business indicators such as product inventories, prices displayed, Fronts Shelf their products, promotions, Additional Exhibitions, activations at the Point of Sale and placement of Material PoP, among other activities . Thus, the capture, consolidation and reporting of information that is generated daily from the outlets, is done easily and safely. With GoAuditing, manufacturers of consumer products, pharmaceuticals, electronics, appliances, technology, fashion and virtually all of those who sold through supermarkets, department, convenience, wholesalers and distributors, systematized processes running on field auditing for continuous improvement of marketing strategies that have been designed and therefore increase sales (sellout) and market share of its brands and products.


GoAuditing 2017

GoAuditing APK

Download GoAuditing

Download GoAuditing APK

GoAuditing for Android

Download GoAuditing for Android

Download GoAuditing APK for Android

GoAuditing 2.0.6 screenshot

GoAuditing screenshot 0GoAuditing screenshot 1GoAuditing screenshot 2GoAuditing screenshot 3GoAuditing screenshot 4GoAuditing screenshot 5GoAuditing screenshot 6GoAuditing screenshot 7

GoAuditing apk video

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