Ezan ALARMI – Religious times, azan and Turkish SOUND alerts, Qibla Compass, Hatim +40 property


Religious times, azan and Turkish SOUND alerts, Qibla Compass, Hatim +40 property

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After iOS, now on Android ….

Applications closed while the prayer time and prayer time before you, and if you want Azan, different voices, and if you want, “Turkish speaking” it warns.
+ Qibla Compass, Zikirmatik, Advanced Prayer tutorial, such as the Islamic Quran Koran contains 40+ tools and features.
– “Huawei P8, Turkcell T60, Lenovo VIBE Z2 Optimus L5 in tinmo-A11” like device to receive notifications smoothly; “Protected Applications”, “Power” or “Battery Saver” (and “Notifications”) by logging in to the screen is’ necessary to allow the Adhan Alert. If you are still having problems after a well from the above “Azan ALARM / Settings” screen “Alert Type” to “full page” you can try to use select Next.

> Adhan Alarm Properties;
– Before the prayer time and prayer time of 2 separate alerts.
– Athan remaining time (in Turkish), voice memos,
– Read full Athan separate authorities for each prayer,
– 205 Religious compatible prayer times for the country,
– Detailed / Visual Prayer Tutorials (5 times, holidays, Congregational, rosaries, prayer, etc.).
– Prayer Time Remaining counter,
– Wake-up feature with drums in Sahura for Ramadan
– Monthly İmsakiye,
– Annual list of religious holidays and special occasions,
– Hijri calendar,
– Kerahat Vakti representation,
– A special warning on Friday and Holy Days,
– Qur’an (Arabic for, reading, meaning, audio playback)
– Holy Koran (in Arabic, reading and meaning)
– Holy Koran in Arabic audio download Hatim that the files, listen to be able to follow,
– Index of the Quran,
– Index of Hadith,
– Islamic Catechism (Volume 2)
– Muhammad (pbuh) life in detail,
– Companions of our life,
– Religious Dictionary
– Fasting questions and answers on the screen,
– Qibla compass
– Zikirmatik (ESM pre-defined, unlimited added, parametric)
– Kutub-i Sitte (Hadith 7300)
– Audio Converter Online Turkish screen,
– Prayer and Prayer Surat screen,
– Esma’ül Hosni display,
– Selected Verses
– Good Prayers
– Nice words
– Accident Follow-up display (prayer and fasting)
– Salavat are
– Friday sermon,
– Day prayer time notification,
– Azan / Prayer Listening screen
– Prayer of the Turkish screen,
– Friday and not automatic reminder the day before the holy days,
– That how long sabbatical nearest Home screen display
– The day the Home screen verse / prayer / word representation.
– Changing on a daily basis “contains Islamic information and quotations” behind schedule
– Long texts (the device is locked) Turkish audio listening capability.
– It does not require an internet connection to download the monthly spending time outside.

You also increasing the features that are included in the next version of the application on iOS SUPPORT Hopefully, your ‘Azan ALARM’ will try to reach the quality of our applications and rich content.

☆ requests and complaints about the application ‘mail@ufukmarmara.co’ address can type.

◆ Ufuk Marmara applications on Android
√ Prayer and Turkish,
√ trumpet Prayer and Prayers
√ Quote of the day
√ Day of Prayer
√ Question of the Day
√ Holy Koran PRAYERS
√ Religious Concepts
√ Voice Quran (Turkish)
√ Quran Speaks
√ Zikirmatik!
√ Azan ALARM
√ Talking clock PRO

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/3rFRBM


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