Egnyte – Egnyte enables you to store, access and collaborate on personal & business files


Egnyte enables you to store, access and collaborate on personal & business files

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Your Business. Your Way.

Make your Android device an extension of your office. Store, access and
organize all your business files, share files through attachments or links (if large), and
collaborate seamlessly with internal and external users right from your device.

Access Content Anytime, Anywhere

The Egnyte app for Android allows you to organize and collaborate on your files,
regardless of where they are stored and always with the higher performance regardless
of your Internet connection state.

Collaborate Across Teams, Offices and Partners

Egnyte’s open solution works with your business applications so you don’t have to
change the way you work or signing into a VPN. Simply use your favorite productivity
tools while adding the capability to securely collaborate on your content.

Manage your Content with Stricter Control

Ensure authorized access to your content with permissions, link expiration and access
notifications. Keep files secure on your mobile device with data encryption, application
specific passcode and remote wipe capabilities in case of lost or stolen mobile device.

Start using our application like millions of other users!

Reviews and Ratings:
1. Cloudwards – “Egnyte has a long list of features than many clients will enjoy. This is in addition to allowing secure file access, sharing, and storage from anywhere.”

2. eWeek – “Egnyte’s hybrid cloud service is worth evaluating for organizations looking
to cash in on the benefits of cloud-based storage without surrendering on-premises

3. Tom’s It Pro – “ Egnyte offers a flexible UI and is able to address the key concerns of enterprises, especially around security and encryption”

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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