DataDivas Mobile – App for restaurant, facing the speed electronic controls in attendance.

DataDivas Mobile

App for restaurant, facing the speed electronic controls in attendance.

DataDivas Mobile screenshot 0DataDivas Mobile screenshot 1DataDivas Mobile screenshot 2DataDivas Mobile screenshot 3DataDivas Mobile screenshot 4DataDivas Mobile screenshot 5DataDivas Mobile screenshot 6DataDivas Mobile screenshot 7DataDivas Mobile screenshot 8DataDivas Mobile screenshot 9DataDivas Mobile screenshot 10DataDivas Mobile screenshot 11DataDivas Mobile screenshot 12DataDivas Mobile screenshot 13DataDivas Mobile screenshot 14

Using DataDivas server installed on a computer to communicate is required.
Download the demo version on your computer, follow the link below the server.
Mobile solution for electronic controls for restaurants, permits the registration of applications in an agile and simple way. Using a Smartphone or Tablet device, the waiter makes a request to the client side. Touching the screen, the data is sent wirelessly to printers located in the bar or in the kitchen, depending on the choice of the customer, automatically will be available on the box to close the account when needed.
Wireless technology eliminates the journeys outward / return of the waiters to production areas for delivery or removal requests. The immediate result is the total availability of this professional to the most important task: a good attendance.
Some benefits of electronic controls (summary):
  • Request box automatically sent to the printers and distributed process (kitchen, bar, etc …).
  • Elimination of the block of paper applications.
  • Prevents erroneous application or accounts.
  • Increased productivity applications.
  • Increased customer satisfaction (order is delivered faster).
  • Additional information on request (example: with onion, a little salt, ice and lemon etc.).
  • Request for account closure (pre-account).
  • Show the customer account (consumption) beside him before requesting pre account.
  • Search by product category, avoiding lost time in getting locating products by code or huge lists.
  • Manage tables or commanding
  • Send messages to the server Tablet
Software drives the electronic X-Point is fast, accurate and simple to use.

Detail information and download apk file:


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