Badger Map – Mapping Software for Sales People

Badger Map

Mapping Software for Sales People

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The Badger Map is a sales productivity and planning app for salespeople in the field that puts the user’s territory on a map on their Android phone or tablet, showing them where their customers are and offering new leads that they didn’t know about. Reps using Badger increase sales productivity, boost CRM adoption, and get more customer meetings.

– Compatible with Android tablets and phones
– Reps can instantly visualize customers on a map
– Automatically suggests nearby new leads and customers
– Plans out your schedule in advance with more set meetings
– Updates and accesses your CRM from phone or tablet
– React to last-minute schedule changes
– Enables reps to get more customer meetings, but drive less miles
– Optimize driving routes for outside sales
– Generate new leads for mobile sales teams

See why sales reps think that Badger is the best alternative to MapPoint and Streets and Trips for those on the road. Route optimization, easy scheduling, sales territory management, lead generation, all on your phone or tablet.

The badgermap will improve the way you interact with your customers, generate leads, and plan your schedule.

See detail information and download apk file:


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