ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini Latest Version APK for Android

download ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini apk
download ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini apk

The professional solution for collecting orders and attempted sale. ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini is offered by Linea Computers Srl. Last Updated: November 28, 2016. Current Version: 25.7

Evolution Zippy the managerial professional pocket, safe, simple and reliable.
Single procedure for collecting orders and attempted sale of the Android platform.
A software developed from the experience gained in over 30 years of activity in the sector.

The ideal solution for all those who have an ongoing relationship with the customer.

The portal of the family zippy –
Main features:
– Simple installation and maintenance.
– Situation suspended / business customers, custom lists, video catalog, variants, multiple filters per line, assigns, automatically creating documents for multi agents from single documento.Canvas and Variants
– Auto Import, documents and receipts, inventory management, traveling, easy interfacing with all the managerial.
– Manages documents as Estimates – Orders – DDT – Invoices – Generic – Bolla Free Loan.
– Tax burden – integrative – Reloading and Partial Discharge – Made Global.
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Our solutions are the result of a careful analysis and a
considerable experience in the field of mobile computing.
The continuous research makes LINE COMPUTERS a reference point for many companies in the sector, thanks to its ability
to conduct training.

If you do not have the interface with your management creates firm demo, download the demo data and then you can contact us for having the interface with your management.

If you do not have a management interface from today you can load our PC tool, enter the data on excel files and send them on the tablet by e-mail where you installed zippy.Dopo have saved the attachment of the email in the download folder starts Zippy Evolution and the data will be importati.scarica and
Limitation of this version: 30 days of installation of the product with a limitation in some function.

For any information or documentation please contact the developer
Available for registered users manual and report “for our 300 points to be different”


What’s New

Per il dettagglio dell’aggiornamento e degli aggiornamenti di Zippy Evolution andare in


ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini 2017

Download ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini

Download ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini APK

ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini for Android

Download ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini for Android

Download ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini APK for Android

ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini 25.7 screenshot

ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 0ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 1ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 2ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 3ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 4ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 5ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 6ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 7ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 8ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 9ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 10ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 11ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 12ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 13ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 14ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 15ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini screenshot 16

ZippyEvolution Raccolta Ordini apk video

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