WiseApp – Useful Android Apps Latest Version APK for Android

WiseApp - Useful Android Apps apk
WiseApp – Useful Android Apps apk

The Best Way to Find Best Free Apps for Android. WiseApp – Useful Android Apps is offered by Wise-App. Last Updated: November 28, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.6

WiseApp helps you find the best Android apps for you.

Unlike the other app markets, WiseApp inquires about you and then recommends the best free apps quickly and conveniently.
In addition, WiseApp helps you analyze yourself, suggesting ideas and helping you understand what will benefit you through the questions it asks.

Discover apps by two ways

1. Via Survey – where you can easily choose your interests and answer “yes/no” questions about the needs and problems you experience in the daily use of your Android device.
Then you get recommendations for top apps that pose the best solution for you.
Once you find what you’re looking for, you can go at any stage to the results page, where the apps are ready for immediate download.

2. Via Facebook – you can log in to your Facebook account and we will be able to match the most suitable apps for you based on your profile and personal preferences.

★ The apps recommended to you will be carefully selected by online editors who follow several guidelines, providing you with the best solution for your needs.
WiseApp doesn’t operate on a commercial platform, nor does it ever offer any results that weren’t tested objectively against the appropriate parameters.
WiseApp is constantly “appdated” and it closely monitors the many apps in the app markets on a daily basis, adjusting and upgrading to keep up with the ever-changing needs of Android users.

– Some of the criterions are:

► Being free of charge.

► Being the best in their field.

► Having a convenient and well-designed user interface.

★ With WiseApp you can find a wide range of useful apps, from apps that let you scan documents with your Android camera, to apps that help you erase duplicate contacts, set personalized wallpapers or ringtones, get cooking recipes and many more free apps…

★ WiseApp is user friendly and easy to understand. The questions are phrased in a clear and simple language so that any user can find the best free apps as quickly as possible.

★ WiseApp is good for everyone, benefitting both experienced users and beginners alike.
For those experienced in the field, it helps find useful unkown apps, while beginners get a chance to “specialize” by using cool apps.
WiseApp is also ideal for users who bought a new Android device and want to find cool apps easily and quickly.

Install WiseApp now and discover a whole new world of apps.
Take advantage of all the capabilities of your Android!

What’s New

– UX improvement

– Bug fixes


WiseApp – Useful Android Apps 2017

Download WiseApp – Useful Android Apps APK

WiseApp – Useful Android Apps for Android

Download WiseApp – Useful Android Apps for Android

Download WiseApp – Useful Android Apps APK for Android

WiseApp – Useful Android Apps 1.0.6 screenshot

WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 0WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 1WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 2WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 3WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 4WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 5WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 6WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 7WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 8WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 9WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 10WiseApp - Useful Android Apps screenshot 11

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