Squarespace Start – Wherever inspiration finds you, capture it with a beautiful single page website

Squarespace Start

Wherever inspiration finds you, capture it with a beautiful single page website

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Squarespace Start is the easiest way to get started with a simple website right from your mobile phone. Start helps you set up a coming soon page for a new business venture or an easy-to-manage personal site in seconds.

**NOTE: Squarespace Start is for new websites, not managing existing Squarespace sites.**

• Build a beautiful web page.
Start gives you access to Squarespace’s most popular single page layouts. You can customize your background with your own image, write headlines and captions, connect your social media accounts, and add call to action buttons.

• Find the perfect domain.
It only takes seconds to register and connect a domain to your page. You can purchase domains straight from the Start App using Apple Pay or your credit card.

• Publish when you’re ready.
We want your page to be perfect. That’s why Start lets you create, preview, and hone your page to perfection before it goes live. Then, when you’re ready to share, all you have to do is press publish.

• We’re here to help.
When you create your page with Start, you get unlimited access to Squarespace’s 24/7, award-winning Customer Care Team.

• This is just the start.
You can upgrade to a multi-page website with access to all of Squarespace’s features at any time by logging into your site from the web.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/awpF5U


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