SimplyGest Móvil Latest Version APK for Android

SimplyGest Móvil download
SimplyGest Móvil download

Access to the data on your server SimplyGest wherever you are. SimplyGest Móvil is offered by SimplyGest. Last Updated: November 28, 2016. Current Version: 4.0.5

Access data wherever your company is. See, or create new items, customers and suppliers, show the latest sales and statistics, make new sales, purchases, budgets, etc … and get the bill in PDF immediately.

Buttons to call or send e-mail or SMS to customers and suppliers.

Assign photos to your articles, customers and suppliers using a camera phone or choose the picture from the Album.

See ancient documents for the PDF in your mobile.

Get Server lists and reports in PDF and send E-Mail or share it with other apps. Use your device as

Barcode reader while your PC “captures” the code you read in real time.

Faster. Much faster …
• 100% native application created from scratch. SimplyGest Mobile is no longer a web-app.
• Direct connection with SimplyGest Server. The data is sent and received without intermediaries, without conversions, etc …
• Local Network Connection (local ip) or via the Internet (public IP).

More and better …
• Set up to 5 shortcuts to different companies.
• Customize settings for each (set by default to show number of records, etc …)
• Consultation of items, customers, suppliers, History, Statistics …
• Creation of new items, customers and suppliers.
• Creating new invoices, quotes, receipts, purchases and orders.
• New User Permissions in SimplyGest whether to allow mobile access.
• correlative numbering when creating new documents. And it is not required to bill later from SimplyGest.
• Record of accesses and operations in the Server
• Display Sizes and colors on your card Article

And the most interesting …
• Create new documents and obtain a copy in PDF to send to the customer / supplier, or open it on your device
• Get Listings / Reports from Mobile and share
• Direct access to sending e-mail, SMS and calls to Customers / Suppliers
• Use your navigation app / maps to search for addresses Customers / Suppliers
• Use the camera of your device to assign pictures to your articles, customers or suppliers
• See history for the PDF documents of any bill, budget, etc. from your mobile
• Use your mobile as Barcode reader with direct connection to the server: the codes read with mobile are “collected” in real time on the PC server without sending them by email.
• 3D Graphics Display sales, send the graphic by e-mail, share it with other apps, etc …
• And much more!

Some things need to mature …
• Reading bar codes is still a little green on some devices.
• Some windows, panels, etc … are not displayed correctly on some devices.

Limitations and Compatibility
• Need SimplyGest 2015 (12.2) or higher
• Not compatible with SimplyGest Standard
• Some specific options SimplyGest Premium and SimplyGest Sizes and Colors are not available for the moment

• Android 4.0.3 or higher (Tegra 2 devices are not supported)
• You need to open the ports listed in Module Client / Server on the server computer

What’s New

Versión 4.0.5


– La búsqueda de artículos en la ventana “Nuevo Documento” permite buscar por código o por nombre, introduciendo una palabra (o parte de una palabra).

– Nuevo método de comprobación de conexión con el Servidor, ahora detecta más rápido si el servidor de SimplyGest es accesible.

– El Historial muestra ahora también el Nº de documentos, en la parte inferior

– Corregido el botón de la lupa (Buscar) en la ventana de Artículos


SimplyGest Móvil 2017

SimplyGest Móvil APK

Download SimplyGest Móvil

Download SimplyGest Móvil APK

SimplyGest Móvil for Android

Download SimplyGest Móvil for Android

Download SimplyGest Móvil APK for Android

SimplyGest Móvil 4.0.5 screenshot

SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 0SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 1SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 2SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 3SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 4SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 5SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 6SimplyGest Móvil screenshot 7

SimplyGest Móvil apk video

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