Paycheck Tracker – Track your working hours with ease

Paycheck Tracker

Track your working hours with ease

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Simple to setup and use, with holiday support for 45 countries, the Paycheck Tracker keep track of your working hours.
Settings and features:
• Add your work location to receive notifications or clock in automatically
• Up to 3 breaks a shift
• Overtime and weekly overtime
• Reimbursements monthly/daily
• Night shift
• Day off
• Adding a shift using the clock or manually
• Calculation for the month salary
• Sending the month summery via email
Holiday supported countries : Angola ,Australia ,Austria ,Belgium, Brazil ,Canada ,China ,Colombia ,Croatia ,Czech Republic ,Denmark ,England ,Estonia ,Finland ,France ,Germany ,Hong Kong ,Hungary ,Iceland ,Isle of Man ,Israel ,Italy ,Japan ,Latvia ,Lithuania ,Luxembourg ,Mexico ,Netherlands ,New Zealand ,Northern Ireland ,Norway ,Poland ,Portugal ,Romania ,Russia ,Serbia ,Slovakia ,Slovenia ,South Africa ,South Korea ,Sweden ,Ukraine ,United States ,Wales.

Ever got a paycheck with less money than expected? Paycheck tracker is the ultimate solution for this problem,
Paycheck Tracker is flexible yet easy to use.
With just a few minutes configuration you get a powerful tool that calculate your salary, the Paycheck Tracker
takes into consideration break time, overtime, night shift, weekly overtime, extra payment for day off and holiday.

use this work hours calculator as a timetracker for work hours calculator, with accurate timekeeping this
money tracking app saves you time and money.

Know how much money you gonna make this month with this amazing work hours calculator,time calculator.
clock will keep running as a times recorder even if you boot your phone.
work hours calculator is easy than ever.
only app in the market with weekly overtime work and holiday extra pay.
use google maps to set work place and check your salary at your appartement after work.
timetracking has never been easier with this timetracker just setup the money for hour, overtime work, salary for holidays work, and use google maps to set place of employment, and know how much money is your salary going to contain.
use it as payroll template and timesheet calculator if your workplace has dated time clock.
your work day has overtime payment after some number of working hours?after that extra pay?no problem!
40 hours a week and after that overtime payment? this app does all the work for you.
only one holiday calendar integraded in.
beatiful live clock that acts as a work hours money calculator or a timesheet calculator / time calculator .
no need for time card, the system make sure you are logged when you get to your work.
no need to calculate hours or any other timekeeping software or timetracker or work hours calculator paycheck tracker does all the work.
time card? that old thinking, calculate hours worked by hand? no need!
best timekeeping software, work calculator, timetracker, salary calculator , wage calculator all combined.
get your time sheet and your payroll sent by email in a PDF format.
clock in and clock out with times recorder or just press the fingerprint shaped button to get times recorder.
calculate hours work and calculate hours worked has ever been this easy.
dont remember if you got to the workspace in friday? its all logged in paycheck tracker.
calculate hours worked , no need for timesheet no need for live clock.
small business owner? contact EpsilonMoves and get an offer to make paycheck tracker your official work hours calculator ,salary calculator ,timesheet calculator.
save money and time and get a nice clean app that calculate hours worked and wage.
make it official time saving app for your office work!

Our users response after using the app :
– best timesheet and work hours calculator
– timekeeping is easy work now
– every time i open the app and and see the live clock i smile
– this money tracking app is the best
– money talks and my money say thank you!
– best finance work app I’ve ever work with
– i know what my salary is going to be
– money tracking app? more like money making app

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