ITSOFT Works Latest Version APK for Android

ITSOFT Works download
ITSOFT Works download

WORKS is designed for precise control of the work done system. ITSOFT Works is offered by iTSoft. Last Updated: November 28, 2016. Current Version: 2.10.0

WORKS is a system devised by ITSOFT for precise control of the work done in your business system. Suitable for service companies and designed to reduce operating costs and paperwork.

 NOTE: the following download will have access to demo level. To enjoy the full functionality, the user must be previously registered in the system.

From a central system, the administrator can take control and monitoring of the activities of mobile users.
Through the app, the mobile user can communicate where the activity has been performed and report more about it:
 -Type Of work performed.
 If there is any incidence.
 -Position GPS.
Subsequently, from the core application, the administrator can complete a work report with:

-Date And time of start and end of work.
-Position GPS.

 Want more information?
 – Visit and see all the features offered.

What’s New

• El envío de correo en caso de incidencia incluye enlace a la fotografía.

• Modo de fichaje:

o Botones en pantalla con actividades configurables y personalizables

o Posibilidad de selección en pantalla de cliente/ubicación mediante lista desplegable

o Posibilidad de verificación en los sistemas del cliente antes de registrar el fichaje

o Posibilidad de tomar una foto al trabajador en el momento del fichaje

o Actividades específicas para fichaje

• Otras correcciones menores


ITSOFT Works 2017

Download ITSOFT Works

Download ITSOFT Works APK

ITSOFT Works for Android

Download ITSOFT Works for Android

Download ITSOFT Works APK for Android

ITSOFT Works 2.10.0 screenshot

ITSOFT Works screenshot 0ITSOFT Works screenshot 1ITSOFT Works screenshot 2ITSOFT Works screenshot 3

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