Cropti-Cuaderno de campo AGRO – Cropti is the most complete mobile tool for agricultural management.

Cropti-Cuaderno de campo AGRO

Cropti is the most complete mobile tool for agricultural management.

Cropti-Cuaderno de campo AGRO screenshot 0Cropti-Cuaderno de campo AGRO screenshot 1Cropti-Cuaderno de campo AGRO screenshot 2Cropti-Cuaderno de campo AGRO screenshot 3

the new ultimate mobile application for land management is now available. It has never been easier to manage your farm from a mobile and tablet device.
. Cropti is a complete agricultural advisor to help you manage and optimize your farm business and generate reports.

✓ Register your activities from the mobile to have the updated field notebook at all times.

✓ Take an in-situ multiple farms, perfect control for cooperatives and farmers’ associations.

✓ Registration and Control of Agricultural Machinery, customers, suppliers, employees and consultants.

✓ Registration and control of expenses associated with agricultural activity and production.

✓ Management and visualization with GPS plots your SIGPAC.

✓ Courier. Communication between technical and farmers. Receive alerts pest.

✓ Real-time synchronization between the web application and mobile app.

Try our app:

Sign in and free trial 15 days. Then you can continue to manage your crops for less than 6 € per month. Welcome to the smart agriculture!

If you have any questions or requests we will be happy to assist in

If you belong to a cooperative or farms are technical advisor, write to without obligation and we will inform all the party can get Cropti.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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