Breezy Print – Breezy lets you print any document, directly from your Android device.

Breezy Print

Breezy lets you print any document, directly from your Android device.

Breezy Print screenshot 0Breezy Print screenshot 1Breezy Print screenshot 2Breezy Print screenshot 3Breezy Print screenshot 4Breezy Print screenshot 5Breezy Print screenshot 6Breezy Print screenshot 7Breezy Print screenshot 8Breezy Print screenshot 9Breezy Print screenshot 10

Breezy gives you three easy ways to print:

1) Search for one public printers in the Breezy Partner Network, using the “Breezy Print Network” option. We have thousands of locations already, with thousands more coming soon. (Some network partners, such as FedEx Office locations, may charge a fee for printing.)
2) Print for free to your own printers using the Breezy Connector software, available for Windows PC and Mac.
3) Print to your company’s printers (where available – your company must be a Breezy corporate customer).

Customers call Breezy “awesome”, “a great app”, and “a must-have for business travellers”, and the the NYT called us a solution to the “more and more annoying” problem of having to “move off your phone and onto your computer” to print.
Breezy is made by a small team of passionate developers, and we welcome your feedback as we continue to improve the app. Thanks for your support!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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