APPsolute Mobility – APPsolute Mobility – mobile working with form-based and PDF-based documents

APPsolute Mobility

APPsolute Mobility – mobile working with form-based and PDF-based documents

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APPsolute Mobility – mobile working with form-based and PDF-based documents via smartphone and tablet.

You work daily with forms, reports, other templates and numerous PDF files. With APPsolute Mobility you can easily use all them mobile.

Our platform enables you to create customized mobile forms without programming. Just as easy you expand your PDF documents with video, podcasts, links, images and output them in app format.

Download now the APPsolute Mobility App and you’ll find 1 free standard template from our range that you can use immediately. To create your individual templates and presentations in app format, you need a full license. If interested, please write to us at

Who is it for?
For all those who need mobility and benefit from the advantages of a mobile data working.

You can use APPsolute Mobility for example for following cases:
– visit reports/contact forms
– technical reports
– checklists
– support inserts
– safety inspections
– order forms / subscriptions
– polls / market research
– service calls / fault reports
– work orders / application reports
– inspections / controls / servicing
– user manuals
– manuals
– brochures &catalogs
– product information, etc.

APPsolute Mobility is a RMAD Platform (Rapid Mobile App Development) which enables every user to create apps without any programming knowledge.

Our platform consists of several modules. With this app you can operate the modules APPsolute Mobility Forms and APPsolute Mobility E-Book Converter. Information about all modules can be found at
Functions APPsolute Mobility Forms Module:
– Create forms easily with drag & drop
– Project overview with dashboard
– Content management system
– SSL encryption with data security
– On-/Offline use
– OCR Scan (iOS)
– E-Signature
– Address-validation
– IBAN/BIC Converter/Validation

Functions APPsolute Mobility E-Book Converter Module:
– Upload PDF document and output it in app format
– Easy integration of:
– Videos (product films, user guide videos, etc.)
– Images (visualizations, graphics, etc.)
– Links (for further information)
– Sound (podcasts, etc.)
– Content management system
– On-/Offline use

If you are interested in APPsolute Mobility just use the free demo from the store. In case you need more templates or want access to the Content Management System of the platform please contact us.

Mobile license: We create your desired template and you can use it mobile.
Full license: You get both a mobile license as well as access to APPsolute Mobility CMS where you can create and customize any number of forms and / or e-books.

T: +49 911 95763973

See more information:


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