Aamen – MOHRE app for safety & security, wages protection and complaints.


MOHRE app for safety & security, wages protection and complaints.

Aamen screenshot 0Aamen screenshot 1Aamen screenshot 2Aamen screenshot 3


This application helps in solving problems related to employees’ complaints regarding their wages payment as well as have a look on employees remarks and solve them immediately. Also it contributes in raising awareness among employers about laws and regulations related to security and safety through the company’s self-assessment. The Application allows the security agencies to access details about companies and their registered employees as well. Application is available in Arabic and English.

Why do you need to download this application:
• Follow up the companies’ commitment in paying employees’ wages on time.
• Distributing awareness among employees and employers about their rights and duties.
• Provide a channel of communication between employees and Ministry of Labor for reporting cases related to delay in payment of their wages.
• provide government security agencies with a government inquiry service that allows them to view employees, employers and companies details.
• Update Company details, location and company self-assessment by the employer.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/LG1v2K


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