UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) Latest Version APK for Android

download UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) apk
download UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) apk

UniClip! is a cross-device clipboard synchronization tool. UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) is offered by Piyush Agade. Last Updated: November 27, 2016. Current Version: 2.2

Compatibility note:
Since version 2.2, we have shifted to a new backend, all UniClip versions beyond 2.2 are compatible only with desktop clients v1.3 and up.

Ever wanted to share a link, or a text quickly to your other devices (mobile, tablet, or PC) without emailing it to yourself or using Google Keep?

If yes, then you are going to love UniClip!

Using UniClip!, you can copy text from one of your devices and paste in to other devices. You can also control which device synchronizes and which don’t just by shaking your mobile device or using keyboard shortcuts on your laptop. Its that easy!

> Copy text from PC to a mobile device and vice-versa.
> Share clipboard among your devices (only android, Windows PC, Linux supported till date)
> Secure:
* Access PIN is required when new mobile devices wish to register.
* QR code scanning makes sure adding desktops is secure as well.
> Modern, sleek UI
> Low on resources
> Control over notifications, auto-start, and other behavior.
> End-to-end data encryption

WIndows & Linux (x64) client is available now. Get it here:

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What’s New

* Upgraded backend (Compatible with v1.3 desktop client ONLY)

* A brand new, polished UI

* Ability to switch user accounts.

* Added a tutorial

* Ability to provide feedback


UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) 2017

UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) for Android

Download UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) for Android

Download UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) APK for Android

UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) 2.2 screenshot

UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 0UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 1UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 2UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 3UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 4UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 5UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 6UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 7UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 8UniClip! (Clipboard Sync) screenshot 9

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/mAAd9R

Android Productivity Apps download https://goo.gl/gow64A


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