My Flight Log Book – Tired to add your flight hours at the end of every page?

My Flight Log Book

Tired to add your flight hours at the end of every page?

My Flight Log Book screenshot 0My Flight Log Book screenshot 1My Flight Log Book screenshot 2My Flight Log Book screenshot 3My Flight Log Book screenshot 4My Flight Log Book screenshot 5

Tired to add your flight hours at the end of every page?
Are you thinking to use an electronic flight logbook but you don’t want to mess up with hundreds/thousands line insertions?
MyLogBook Electronic Flight Log Book has been created to simplify calculation in your paper Flight Log Book.
Every time you complete a page you need to add all times at the end of the page… how boring!
Now you can have your flight hour situation at your fingertips, also, you have many other useful statistics.
Main features of MyLogBook are:
– Calculate your flight hours as you had a paper flight logbook: for each “page” you have the page hour sum and, moreover, previous periods total hours
– Previous logbooks totals management
– Find monthly statistics for pilot, engine type or model
– Save and restore your database and your settings every time you need (on SD card)
– Insert/Modify/Delete regular flights
– Insert/Modify/Delete sim sessions
– Insert/Modify/Delete dummy flights
What’s a dummy flight?
MyLogBook mimics your paper flight logbook; if you need to insert one, or more empty lines, just use dummy flight option.
Designed to be EASA compliant, MyLog Book can be useful for many other Civil Aviation Authorities… just send me any suggestion or comment.
For more information, download user manual from MyLogBook site!
Any comment is welcome!

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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