Describe with pictures – You take a lot of pictures at work? DESCRIPIX app is for you!

Describe with pictures

You take a lot of pictures at work? DESCRIPIX app is for you!

Describe with pictures screenshot 0Describe with pictures screenshot 1Describe with pictures screenshot 2Describe with pictures screenshot 3Describe with pictures screenshot 4Describe with pictures screenshot 5Describe with pictures screenshot 6Describe with pictures screenshot 7Describe with pictures screenshot 8

This application really provides something new in the approach made pictures. Images are no longer unique but as a linked set of high efficiency when it comes to explain something.

It is often much easier to explain something by adding text on an image or an image on the text. Understanding can also be much easier. DescriPix is a new way to describe something, quickly and very clearly.

Particularly suited to service technicians, installers, repairers, artisans or in industry. If you are in the field this app is for you! Usable in many areas: design, industrial maintenance, electronics, industrial production ….

• Link images together.
• Add internet links to your images
• Add text to your images
• Export to PDF.
• Send your project

Example of use
• of fixtures.
• User Manual
• audit
• Describe your work
• Describe your fault
• Describe your cars
• Describe your house
• Manufacturing instruction
• model railroading

If the application is primarily for professionals, it will find its place in everyday life.

You can find examples of projects and follow us on our Facebook page.

Download apk file:


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