Task Planner Latest Version APK for Android

Task Planner apk
Task Planner apk

The way to plan your day is here!. Task Planner is offered by Kush Thapar. Last Updated: November 26, 2016. Current Version: 6.0.0

The way to plan your day is here! Now you have an option to wake you up every time you are asleep or busy.
Plan your schedule and enter details.
This application will be at your service because your schedule is precious.
It is loaded with all the features needed to become a wise task planner.
Plan your tasks, sleep well and relax!
The application is ready to take your orders and perform actions.

Its features are:-

Simple and User Friendly Interface.
Planning the tasks.
Setting up the alarm.
Setting the priority of all the tasks.
User choose alarm image and tone of his/her own choice.

Latest Updates

This is Task Planner version 6.0.0 with all new user interface. Some of bugs are also fixed.


Task Planner APK

Download Task Planner

Download Task Planner APK

Task Planner for Android

Download Task Planner for Android

Download Task Planner APK for Android

Task Planner 6.0.0 screenshot

Task Planner screenshot 0Task Planner screenshot 1Task Planner screenshot 2Task Planner screenshot 3Task Planner screenshot 4Task Planner screenshot 5Task Planner screenshot 6

Android Productivity Apps download https://goo.gl/gow64A


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