RF Designer™ Latest Version APK for Android

RF Designer™ download
RF Designer™ download

RF and microwave schematic layout and linear simulator. RF Designer™ is offered by MMC Technologies LLC. Last Updated: November 26, 2016. Current Version: 1.23

The RF Designer™ RF/microwave design app is a highly affordable linear RF and microwave simulator geared towards students, professionals, and hobbyists. What was once only possible on workstations can now be accomplished on your phone or tablet anywhere.


Schematic entry
Import 1 through 4 port S-parameter files for use in the schematic.
Linear frequency domain analysis of up to 4 ports over user defined frequency range.
Export simulated data to S-Parameter files.
Plots and graphs: Rectangular, smith chart, and tabular data.
Save Smith charts and rectangular graphs to PNG image files.
Export tabular and graph trace data to CSV files.

Please check the website at mmctec.com/ or the YouTube channel at: youtube.com/channel/UCbcuuD3HI2gQKdYv3hVUZVA
for examples and tutorials

Element models currently provided:

[Lumped Elements]
RES – ideal resistor
CAP- ideal capacitor
IND – ideal inductor
SRC – series resistor and capacitor
SRL – series resistor and inductor
SLC – series inductor and capacitor
SRLC – series resistor, inductor, and capacitor
PRC – parallel resistor and capacitor
PRL – parallel resistor and inductor
PLC – parallel inductor and capacitor
PRLC – parallel resistor, inductor, and capacitor
XFER – ideal transformer
IMPED – ideal impedance element
ADMIT – ideal admittance element
ATTEN – ideal attenuator

[Ideal Transmission Line Elements]
TLIN – ideal transmission line
TLOC – ideal open circuit transmission line
TLSC – ideal short circuit transmission line
TLIN4 – ideal 4 node transmission line
CLIN – ideal coupled transmission lines

[Physical Transmission Line Elements]
TLINP – physical transmission line
TLPOC – physical open circuit transmission line
TLPSC – physical short circuit transmission line
TLINP4 – physical 4 node transmission line
CLINP – physical coupled transmission lines

[Microstrip Transmission Line Elements]
MLIN – microstrip transmission line
MCLIN – symmetric edge coupled microstrip lines
MTEE – microstrip tee-junction
MCROS – microstrip cross junction
MBENDO – optimal right angle mitered microstrip bend
MBEND – unmitered right angle microstrip bend
MBEND2 – 50% mitered right angle microstrip bend
MCURVE – radiused microstrip bend
MLOC – open-circuited microstrip without end-effect
MLSC – short-circuited microstrip
MLEF – open-circuited microstrip with end effect
MSTEP – microstrip abrupt step in width
MGAP – gap in microstrip

[Stripline Transmission Line Elements]
SLIN – stripline transmission line
SCLIN – symmetric edge coupled striplines
SLOC – open-circuited stripline without end-effect
SLSC – short-circuited stripline
SLEF – open-circuited stripline with end effect
SSTEP – stripline step in width
SGAP – gap in stripline

[Linear Elements]
S1P – 1 port S-parameter data block
S2P – 2 port S-parameter data block
S3P – 3 port S-parameter data block
S4P – 4 port S-parameter data block

[Universal elements]
GAIN – linear gain block element with frequency shaping
CIRC – ideal circulator element
ISOL – ideal isolator element
CPLR – ideal coupler
GYR – gyrator

What’s New

Plot marker tags can now be moved on the plot.

Added calculators for certain microstrip and stripline components.

Added a properties button to the schematic tool bar for editing the selected component (double tapping still works)

Added mouse wheel zoom for bluetooth mice.


RF Designer™ 2017

RF Designer™ 1.23 screenshot

RF Designer™ screenshot 0RF Designer™ screenshot 1RF Designer™ screenshot 2RF Designer™ screenshot 3RF Designer™ screenshot 4RF Designer™ screenshot 5RF Designer™ screenshot 6RF Designer™ screenshot 7RF Designer™ screenshot 8RF Designer™ screenshot 9RF Designer™ screenshot 10RF Designer™ screenshot 11RF Designer™ screenshot 12RF Designer™ screenshot 13RF Designer™ screenshot 14RF Designer™ screenshot 15RF Designer™ screenshot 16

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