Idea Growr – Easily keep track of your ideas and grow them using smart question sets.

Idea Growr

Easily keep track of your ideas and grow them using smart question sets.

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When an idea pops up, quickly write it down and get back to sleep or your meeting (or both). Add notes and improve on your ideas by answering questions about personal motivation, the business side and much more.

✔ Write down ideas & notes
✔ Pictures
✔ Record your voice
✔ App provided question sets
✔ Create your own question sets
✔ Share or backup ideas using apps like Dropbox and Gmail
✔ Use #ideaname to link in notes to idea with name: Idea name
✔ No ads or in app purchases

★ “Easy to use, simple and straightforward UI” – OmegaDroid

★ “Answering questions keeps you focused while conceptualizing the plans.” – SmartPhoneApps

★ “It’s simple yet very reliable. Check it out.” – Dottech

★ Featured on App Deals of the Day – Gizmodo


You can export or share a .zip file that will include all your ideas (or a single idea) and picture and audio files.
As an alternative you can simply export a text file.


You can also import these ideas. This enables you to share a single idea with someone, or for instance move all your ideas to a new device.

Since you can create question sets the other device might not have, answers to those questions will become notes.

In this blog post I explain importing screen by screen:


At the moment there is no a real time sync feature or web based interface. The main reason is that I only want to enable this feature if I’m sure I can do it right. It has to be robust and safe. I have not yet had the time to fully learn these skills, so for now the next best thing is the export & import feature.


The app does not come with password protection. If you want to lock you app for others who have access to your device you can try out app locker apps:


Everything you write is stored only on your device and will always be yours.
This application uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage.

Have fun and let your ideas grow!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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