Facturación y factura Latest Version APK for Android

Facturación y factura download
Facturación y factura download

Invoices and Billings and synchronization from the mobile to the web and vice verca. Facturación y factura is offered by BahaQuote.Com. Last Updated: November 26, 2016. Current Version: 3.7.6

free billing and invoicing application with support decorreo free electronic, available in 3 versions, online, offline and Web application. With a login you can access 3 covering more versions of hundreds of features. This application is to running on more than 150 large corporations under its brand name. See the following characteristics:
• Sync mobile data with data from websites. Similarly, the website data are synchronized with the mobile application offline.
 • Function offline realizacargas invoice with date display due must be paid when unafactura.
• The default currency selection can now be changed according to the invoice generated within the bill itself.
• Creating recurring invoices for regular payment flow.
• Establishing payment gateway for secure payments.
• Invoice and invoice which time WANT
• Calculator estimates and expenses
• Registration and tracking depagos
• Generate receipts
• Automatically calculate local taxes.
• professional template for your invoices, estimates and receipts
• The system can be customized in 24 hours.
• Include a link PayPal with your bill for quick order processing
• Synchronized Content inall mobile devices and their desktop
• Statistical data real-time reporting
• Restore your data quickly and securely from cloud servers BahaQuote
• Recurring Invoices.
• You can add and remove clients.
 • Add new products and details thumbnail image of the product.
• Automates defines and manages workflows for approval and negotiation of estimates.
• Complete supervision detareas and objectives.
• Overall view of the administration section with outstanding estimates, invoices and sales status.
• The aggregate expenditure sepueden convert invoice.
• archiving the generated bill it can be performed by the user.
 • controls for monitoring and billing software deestimación.
• Calculation of cost estimates generated yagregación
• Monitoring pagosrecibidos in whole or in parts.
• Check partially paid depagos been paid and unpaid.
• Tracking facturasrecurrentes, updates and monitoring services.
• Programming campaigns, bulk email and reminder services.
• Function confactura reports, payments received and expense reports.

Latest Updates

version : 3.7.6

* Mejoras de rendimiento y errores corregidos

version : 3.7.5

#. # Agregado Nueva función Agregar usuarios

#. # Añadida nueva función Comprar usuarios

#. # Gasto ordenar por fecha y el Cliente

#. # Gastos Múltiples convierten a Factura

#. # Agregado nueva característica de gastos múltiple.

#. # Agregado Lo nuevo de reembolso de facturas.

#. # Agregado Nuevo informe de crédito del cliente y el Informe de débito.

#. # Emergente diarios de resumen.


Facturación y factura 2017

Download Facturación y factura APK

Facturación y factura for Android

Download Facturación y factura for Android

Download Facturación y factura APK for Android

Facturación y factura 3.7.6 screenshot

Facturación y factura screenshot 0Facturación y factura screenshot 1Facturación y factura screenshot 2Facturación y factura screenshot 3Facturación y factura screenshot 4Facturación y factura screenshot 5Facturación y factura screenshot 6Facturación y factura screenshot 7

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