Stickies Note (floating Notes) Latest Version APK for Android

download Stickies Note (floating Notes) apk
download Stickies Note (floating Notes) apk

An application that allows to create sticky notes and reminders. Stickies Note (floating Notes) is offered by Sprogroup. Last Updated: November 25, 2016. Current Version: 1.12

It is easily dock Notes to the left side to keep your screen real-estate at full potential. Useful for quick note taking. Closing a note will delete its text. All stickies are auto-saved!
– Copy/Paste/Share
– Save the state of the stickies
– Simple & Clean look
– This is good stickies app to make stickies notes.


Stickies Note (floating Notes) 2017

Download Stickies Note (floating Notes) for Android

Download Stickies Note (floating Notes) APK for Android

Stickies Note (floating Notes) 1.12 screenshot

Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 0Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 1Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 2Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 3Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 4Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 5Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 6Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 7Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 8Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 9Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 10Stickies Note (floating Notes) screenshot 11

Stickies Note (floating Notes) apk video

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