HydroFeed Latest Version APK for Android

HydroFeed download
HydroFeed download

to guide optimal fertilizer recipes for crops cultivating hydroponically. HydroFeed is offered by seungho.woo. Last Updated: November 25, 2016. Current Version: 1.8

(Manual) wsh.myds.me/HydroFeed/HydroFeed_Manual.pdf

HydroFeed is a tool to assist various people involving greenhouse horticulture industry such as growers, consultants, researchers, students, and so on.

The major function of this tool is the efficient and precise calculation of the nutrient solutions for various crops based on regularly analyzed data by the user and the existing standard nutrient solutions in the hydroponic culture and prices of the fertilizers.

In addition, it has other useful functions for monitoring environmental conditions such as outside air temperature, terrestrial irradiance and it’s sum, day length, time of sunrise and sunset, percent of the light transmission, light units conversion, and so on.

Those functions are also helpful for the greenhouse management as well as the educational purpose.

A pending patent (10-2016-0066642)

Director KANG-MO LEE
(T) +82 55 761 1565
(E) greencorpkorea@gmail.com

Latest Updates

(Version 1.8)

1. Add usefull link “Calculation of specific atomic weight on molecular weight _ppm.xlsx”

(Version 1.7)

1. Add functions of saving and importing multi analyzed values for source water, drain water, root environment, plant

(Version 1.6)

1. Update fertilizer’s unit price

(Version 1.5)

1. Adding precipitation check and Update google play service version

(Version 1.4)

1. Constraints Bug Fix in Selecting Irrigation Date

(Version 1.3)

1. Add country name to standard recipe name.


HydroFeed 2017

Download HydroFeed

Download HydroFeed APK

HydroFeed for Android

Download HydroFeed for Android

Download HydroFeed APK for Android

HydroFeed 1.8 screenshot

HydroFeed screenshot 0HydroFeed screenshot 1HydroFeed screenshot 2HydroFeed screenshot 3HydroFeed screenshot 4HydroFeed screenshot 5HydroFeed screenshot 6HydroFeed screenshot 7

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