BRA.I.N – Shopping List (Sync) – Manage shopping lists and synchronize with other BRA.I.N users!

BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync)

Manage shopping lists and synchronize with other BRA.I.N users!

BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 0BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 1BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 2BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 3BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 4BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 5BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 6BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 7BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 8BRA.I.N - Shopping List (Sync) screenshot 9

BRA.I.N is a simple to use shopping list app. Each list can be shared independently with other BRA.I.N users!

=> No registration necessary!
=> Encrypted connections to other BRA.I.N users!
=> All your data is only saved on your devices (no server)!

BRA.I.N stands for “brauch ich noch” (German) which means “I still need”.

Main features:
– Manage as many shopping lists as you like.
– Create your items once, just check and uncheck them in daily use.
– Sort your items within categories alphabetically or manually.
– Share your lists with other BRA.I.N users, changes to your list are synchronized immediately.
– Notifications

Evaluation version:
You can evaluate this app 14 days. After this period some features are disabled. If you want to turn the evaluation version into a full version, install the app “BRA.I.N – License” in addition to this app.

If you have any questions, mailto:

Have fun!

The app provider does not assume any liability with respect to costs caused by this app.

Download apk file:


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