T가드(T백신) Latest Version APK for Android

T가드(T백신) apk
T가드(T백신) apk

SMS phishing / anti-malware with 'T vaccine,When the phone is lost tracking, remote locking andA time to delete the data as "Lost Phone + '!. T가드(T백신) is offered by SKTelecom. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: v1.81

1. Is’ T vaccine, “How different?
Fast scan speed] to apply the vaccine’s professional ‘latest’ virus engine can be a quick test.

– Easy to use method] button is pressed once, OK! The inspection carried out at night, take care.

[Minimize battery consumption] once the first check after installing the app, and only at night, do ‘test cycle’ while charging the smartphone.

[More enhanced inspection SMS phishing] SMS / MMS real-time scan, as well as to provide “SMS phishing-only virus scanning.

[RAM memory test to delete, app cache] somehow when my terminal’s functions required slowed want this! Please click on periodically –

2. ‘Find lost phone, plus’ What is certain service?

Remote Lock lost terminals for the inquiry ID / PW is not required. Just report the loss immediately available.

Do you have a [location lookup in Tworld] Tworld account? The location anywhere around the world with Google maps are queried.

Lock state maintained even when Factory Reset – Factory Reset, even if the lockout is solved.

[Terminal available after missing – sign up in advance not hasyeotdaguyo? Just please just call the customer center (1599-0011).

[Via subscription Guard T] set in advance the required information and services, lockout ’10 seconds’ test is also available.

※ Find Lost Phone Plus service is available at SKT smartphone released since October 13.

※ There ‘security box’ service to protect sensitive information in the smartphone can be installed via a T-guard.

What’s New

1. 앱 설치시 검사결과 안내방식 변경

2. 보안공지/보안Toon 활성화

3. 세부 디자인 변경


T가드(T백신) 2017

T가드(T백신) APK

Download T가드(T백신)

Download T가드(T백신) APK

T가드(T백신) for Android

Download T가드(T백신) for Android

Download T가드(T백신) APK for Android

T가드(T백신) v1.81 screenshot

T가드(T백신) screenshot 0T가드(T백신) screenshot 1T가드(T백신) screenshot 2T가드(T백신) screenshot 3

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ReadySales Latest Version APK for Android

ReadySales apk
ReadySales apk

Your most intimate and intelligent personal sales assistant. ReadySales is offered by ReadyObject. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 2.2

Set to enhance the productivity and well-being of sales professionals, ReadySales aims to minimize the pains and inefficiencies associated with the selling process – all by applying its state of the art proprietary technologies.

With powerful tools and features such as intelligent lead management, product management, quotation management, goal management and pipeline management – ReadySales provides an all-in-one dashboard that allows sales professionals to secure deals conveniently at any time and any place.

At an affordable cost, sales professionals can now manage their sales process easily and efficiently, and monitor the progress of their sales performances without being tied to legacy systems.

Intelligent, integrated and automated, ReadySales is no doubt, the mobile CRM solution and sales automation tool for the new generation of professionals.


Powerful Sales Pipeline and Intelligent Lead Management
Track the progress of relationship building with prospective and current customers. Move and track deals through powerful sales pipeline features, and start scoring more wins!

Product Management
Fulfill customer queries and demands instantaneously – create and track prices and inventory status real-time. Send out quotations immediately!

Goal Management
Closely monitor your sales progress to determine gaps in performance and necessary focus areas.

Personal Performance Reports
Monitor your performance with powerful sales reports on your sales pipeline and conversion rates.

All-In-One Dashboard
Enjoy the convenience of using only one platform to access all the essential information to keep powering and pacing yourself through the day.

What’s New

Added phone call recording and phone call content analysis function


ReadySales 2017

ReadySales for Android

Download ReadySales for Android

Download ReadySales APK for Android

ReadySales 2.2 screenshot

ReadySales screenshot 0ReadySales screenshot 1ReadySales screenshot 2ReadySales screenshot 3ReadySales screenshot 4ReadySales screenshot 5

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Zed! Latest Version APK for Android

Zed! download
Zed! download

Encrypted emails and containers using the Zed! Technology. Zed! is offered by Prim'X Technologies. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.220

The Zed! application is used with Zed! software (available at http://www.zedencrypt.com). It allows you to open .zed files sent from a desktop computer.

Zed! can be used to create .zed files, which are encrypted containers into which all your confidential documents are encrypted and protected. The .zed files are electronic safes that can only be opened by owners who know the secret (password or key file).

Prim’X publishes Zed! and ZedMail software on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms on which these .zed diplomatic bags can be created, enabling you to protect your data and to safely exchange them by e-mail.

The Zed! app lets you, directly from your Android device:
– open and read encrypted containers;
– open, read and reply to encrypted e-mails.

When you are traveling, it is very practical to be able to look at your e-mails on your mobile. Now, with the Zed! application, you can also read your encrypted e-mails (with ZedMail by Prim’X) or explore the content of .zed archives that you receive while you are on the move. Sales offers or confidential plans will be fully protected in a .zed file or in an e-mail encrypted through ZedMail. Without connecting to your computer, you can read and explore your e-mails and their attachments.

For ZedMail users, the Zed! application is the perfect addition for reading an replying to encrypted e-mails on your mobile and to ensure constant safety.

The .zed containers generated with a password, personal keys (.zaf), or PFX/P12 key files can easily be automatically decrypted on your mobile.

Latest Updates

– Fixed a bug that could prevent the opening of some encrypted messages;

– SHA2-512 support.


Zed! 2017

Zed! for Android

Download Zed! for Android

Download Zed! APK for Android

Zed! 2.0.220 screenshot

Zed! screenshot 0Zed! screenshot 1Zed! screenshot 2Zed! screenshot 3Zed! screenshot 4Zed! screenshot 5Zed! screenshot 6Zed! screenshot 7Zed! screenshot 8Zed! screenshot 9Zed! screenshot 10Zed! screenshot 11Zed! screenshot 12Zed! screenshot 13Zed! screenshot 14Zed! screenshot 15Zed! screenshot 16Zed! screenshot 17Zed! screenshot 18Zed! screenshot 19

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Notifications for Gear S 123 Latest Version APK for Android

Notifications for Gear S 123 apk
Notifications for Gear S 123 apk

Notifications for your Samsung Gear S, Gear S2 and Gear S3 with reply options. Notifications for Gear S 123 is offered by Bilbo Soft. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.7.0

Compatible with Samsung Gear S, Gear S2 and Gear S3

This App will send to your Samsung Gear S these notifications and sometimes reply to them with predefined messages or your voice.:

– Gmail
– WhatsApp
– Line
– Kakao Talk
– Viber
– Hangouts
– WeChat
– Telegram
– Google Now
– Facebook Messenger

and the others you want.

*** New option to send new WhatsApp messages. Read the Help.

In some notifications you will see images like whatsapp if the notification image is shown in your mobile too.

In some notifications there are actions, you have to tap on it to execute it. For instance, for replying a whatsapp.

Tested on WhatsApp, Facebook Messender, Hangouts and Gmail, but it should work in other Apps as well. REMEMBER, the App is always learning and reply options will appear.

You select the Apps that you want to receive Notifications or not.

If you find any bug, please send an email to bilbaosoft@gmail.com in order to correct it.

What’s New

– Google Allo added

– Receiving SMS added


Notifications for Gear S 123 2017

Download Notifications for Gear S 123

Download Notifications for Gear S 123 APK

Notifications for Gear S 123 for Android

Download Notifications for Gear S 123 for Android

Download Notifications for Gear S 123 APK for Android

Notifications for Gear S 123 1.7.0 screenshot

Notifications for Gear S 123 screenshot 0Notifications for Gear S 123 screenshot 1Notifications for Gear S 123 screenshot 2Notifications for Gear S 123 screenshot 3Notifications for Gear S 123 screenshot 4Notifications for Gear S 123 screenshot 5

Notifications for Gear S 123 apk video

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Edu Lecture Latest Version APK for Android

Edu Lecture apk
Edu Lecture apk

"Edu Lecture(에듀렉쳐)" Edupresso(에듀프레소) 통합 교육 서비스와 연계하여 사용하는 첨삭형 강의 콘텐츠 저작용 어플리케이션. Edu Lecture is offered by OMNING. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.4

“Edu Lecture(에듀렉쳐)” Edupresso(에듀프레소) 통합 교육 서비스와 연계하여 사용하는 첨삭형 강의 콘텐츠 저작용 어플리케이션

[Edu Lecture(에듀렉쳐) 소개]
“Edupresso”(edupresso.net) 통합 교육 서비스에 가입된 계정을 공유하여 사용한다.
학생과 선생님간의 강의,첨삭강의,발표등 다양한 자료를 데이터 기반의 동영상으로 만들 수 있는 모바일앱입니다.
선생님은 Edu Lecture를 이용하여 자신의 학습에 대한 강의를 만들 수 있고, 학생의 질문이나 숙제에 대해 쉽고 빠르게 모바일만으로 첨삭 강의를 만들어 실시간으로 보낼수 있다.
학생은 기존의 종이에 쓰는 방식의 과제를 넘어 발표형, 설명형 과제를 만들어 선생님 혹은 Edupresso의 팀플의 같은 팀과 함께 공유하고 상호보완 학습을 할 수 있다.
이러한 쌍방향 커뮤니케이션을 통해 학생과 선생님은 언제 어디서든지 옆에서 함께 공부하는 것같은 현장감을 느낄 수 있으며 학생의 학습효과는 증대 될 것입니다.
[주요 특징]
1. 쉽고 효과적인 강의/첨삭강의/발표 데이터 타입 동영상 저작
– 동영상 방식이 아닌 데이터(핸드라이팅+음성) 방식 강의 저작
보통 동영상은 데이터 양이 많아 실시간 사용 시 속도의 저하 및 데이터 사용비용 과다한 반면, Edu Lecture로 만든 강의는 핸드라이팅 데이터와 음성 데이트를 별도 전송하므로 데이터 사용량이 매우 적어 사용자 부담 없이 사용가능하고 전송이 빠름
– 강의 녹화 시 별도의 카메라와 사람이 필요 없이 스마트 디바이스와 Edu Lecture 앱으로만 강의 녹화 기능
– 다양한 디지털 펜을 이용한 핸드라이팅에 최적화된 노트로서의 앱
3. 학습효과 증대
– 학생의 수준에 맞는 개별화된 맞춤형 강의를 선생님이 직접 저작함으로써 학습 효과 증대 기대
– 학생이 재생 시 결과뿐만 아니라 과정도 볼 수 있고, 반복 학습도 가능하며, 선생님의 음성을 직접 들으며 학습함으로써 학습 효과 증대 기대
4. 안드로이드 기반 스마트 패드와 스마트 폰에서 사용 가능
[주요 기능]
1. 데이터 기반 강의(질문) 저작 및 재생
– Blank Note에 새 강의 저작하기 / PDF 파일, 이미지파일 불러와서 첨삭하기
– 필기와 음성 설명을 함께 녹화하기
– 새로 녹화하기/ 이이서 녹화하기
– 네종류의 펜과 색상팔레트를 활용해 효과적으로 첨삭하기
– 불필요한 부분을 잘라내기
– 페이지별 강의 저작후 페이지를 연결하여 강의 저장하기
– 강의 Export 하기 (lec파일)
– 강의 재생하기– 음성과 핸드라이팅이 씽크되어 재생
– lec file export로 lec 생성시 문서 보호 설정 기능
– “Equil Smart Marker”와 “Equil Smart Pen2” 적용
– “NeoLab N2 pen” 적용
– “PenGeneration PEN+ ADP-611” 적용(Android KitKat 이상)
3. 강의 데이터 전달 및 관리
– Email 이나 Dropbox를 통해서도 강의 전달가능
– Playlist, Folder를 통한 렉쳐노트 관리
개발자 연락처 :

서울 서초구 서초대로74길 23,406 (서초동, 서초타운트라팰리스)


What’s New

* 2016/10/31

– ADP-611 펜연결 끊겼을때 재연결 시도 버튼 추가

– Camera 촬영후 이미지 추가시 일부 오류 수정


Edu Lecture 2017

Download Edu Lecture

Download Edu Lecture APK

Edu Lecture for Android

Download Edu Lecture for Android

Download Edu Lecture APK for Android

Edu Lecture 1.0.4 screenshot

Edu Lecture screenshot 0Edu Lecture screenshot 1Edu Lecture screenshot 2Edu Lecture screenshot 3Edu Lecture screenshot 4Edu Lecture screenshot 5Edu Lecture screenshot 6Edu Lecture screenshot 7Edu Lecture screenshot 8Edu Lecture screenshot 9Edu Lecture screenshot 10Edu Lecture screenshot 11

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オークション送料計算 Latest Version APK for Android

download オークション送料計算 apk
download オークション送料計算 apk

ネットオークションの送料を簡単に計算できて便利です! 宛先地・差出地・長さ・重さを入力すると、入力した条件と一致する配送サービスを送料が安い順に表示します。. オークション送料計算 is offered by Mitsuru Yoshitomi. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.4





















Latest Updates





オークション送料計算 APK

Download オークション送料計算

Download オークション送料計算 APK

オークション送料計算 for Android

Download オークション送料計算 for Android

Download オークション送料計算 APK for Android

オークション送料計算 1.4 screenshot

オークション送料計算 screenshot 0オークション送料計算 screenshot 1オークション送料計算 screenshot 2オークション送料計算 screenshot 3

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Lely Control Latest Version APK for Android

Lely Control download
Lely Control download

Lely Control enables farmers to operate Lely barn products with a mobile device. Lely Control is offered by Lely International N.V. Last Updated: October 31, 2016

Lely Control: the way of controlling the Lely Vector Automatic feeding system, Lely Juno Feed pusher and Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner. Lely Control is an application for mobile devices which enables farmers to operate these Lely barn products with their smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. This new operating system offers many benefits for the farmer, like:

– Easy to use, smartphone always on hand
– Less maintenance
– Multiple possibilities with the smartphone: control more machines and use of Lely T4C InHerd
– Control from a larger distance

Lely Control can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. Please contact your local Lely Center for more information.

Minimum requirements

Android 2.3.3
Minimum screen resolution 480×800
CPU speed: 1GHz
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Storage: SD Card (internal or external)
Available free space: 10MB

Lely Control was tested successfully on the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung Galaxy Xcover2
Samsung Galaxy Core

Latest Updates

– Improved visualization of authorization levels

– Bug fixes


Lely Control 2017

Lely Control screenshot

Lely Control screenshot 0Lely Control screenshot 1

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