HiDrive Latest Version APK for Android

HiDrive download
HiDrive download

Register for free and get started with 5GB HiDrive! http://www.free-hidrive.com. HiDrive is offered by STRATO AG. Last Updated: October 31, 2016

HiDrive – Love it. Save it. Share it.

HiDrive gives you fantastic online storage for all your files: access them whenever you want, and share them with your friends – anywhere, any time. We also have a HiDrive app to give you access from your smartphone: just sign in with your username and password. Instantly open your photos, music, or documents directly from your HiDrive, email or upload them from your smartphone, and stream movies or listen to music while your download is underway.

The HiDrive App enables you to:
• access your files anywhere in the world
• download all standard file formats from HiDrive and open them on your smartphone
• share your favourite experiences with friends as a photo gallery!
• safely access your files through an encrypted connection
• stream large files, such as, e.g. movies – instantly without waiting
• email large files of up to 25 MB, in any file format
• create share links and send them to your friends
• upload your files and back them up at our TÜV-certified data centers in Germany (in accordance with ISO 27001) – where they are secure in accordance with the German Data Protection Act

Latest Updates

A big thank you for the ton of comments and suggestions you all sent in. This update includes the following improvements:

• Buxfixes and optimisations

Have fun with the app,

Your HiDrive Team


HiDrive 2017

Download HiDrive APK for Android

HiDrive screenshot

HiDrive screenshot 0HiDrive screenshot 1HiDrive screenshot 2HiDrive screenshot 3HiDrive screenshot 4HiDrive screenshot 5HiDrive screenshot 6HiDrive screenshot 7HiDrive screenshot 8HiDrive screenshot 9HiDrive screenshot 10HiDrive screenshot 11HiDrive screenshot 12HiDrive screenshot 13HiDrive screenshot 14HiDrive screenshot 15HiDrive screenshot 16HiDrive screenshot 17

HiDrive apk video

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