i勤怠 Latest Version APK for Android

i勤怠 apk
i勤怠 apk

[I and attendance]Attendance – is a daily and expense management can be service for free on the Internet. i勤怠 is offered by ワンダフルフライ株式会社. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 2.1.5

[I and attendance]
Attendance – is a daily and expense management can be service for free on the Internet.

◎ General
And use information to the terminal, communication all to encrypt.
– Attendance, daily and expenses to meet the needs of the company will be able to control the use and non-use.
You can easily register the departments and employees from the app.

◎ attendance
· In addition to the general embossing it can accommodate a variety of embossing method and the attendance system, such as GPS · IP.
– Late – you can leave early, you can attach the late certificate to late reporting at the time of the public cause.
• Changing the cutoff date can.

◎ expenses
• You can attach a time of receipt of application.

◎ Daily report
– Daily report will be able to encourage more association with attendance, the daily report input.

◎ offline
If the server can not communicate, temporarily encrypted and stored in the terminal, you can automatically send to the server when you can communicate.

◆ screen explanation ◆
◎ attendance
– Attendance – Taikin is registered with the server time.
· Attendance, half holiday, annual leave, special leave, in-house work, you can attendance in attendance classification, such as cooperation company attendance.
– Direct-bounce
When you press the [direct], [Bounce] button, you will see the server time of the embossing on the screen, it will be calculated from the scheduled time that defines the working time aggregation.

◎ Calendar
– Day-to-day of attendance status, it appears the attendance clock-out time on the calendar.
• If you click the date, daily report contents are displayed.
In-finger slide you can transition to the previous month, the next month.
– Month of working hours, scheduled working hours, late, it appears leave early, the summary information of vacation in the graph.

◎ Daily
– Day-to-day work progress, you can enter at any time to the character of the work content.

◎ expenses
General expenses, transportation expenses (train, bus, taxi), you can apply for a season ticket.
The administrator, through the Web [i attendance] or iPad app “i attendance management system”, the administrator, you can at any time check and approve the expenses subordinates filed.

And expenses application status check
You can operate, such as confirmation or revocation of the approval status of the application contents.

◎ vacation
Vacation (paid leave (full-time, half holiday) and special, such as vacation) you can apply for.
The administrator, through the Web [i attendance] or iPad app “i attendance management system”, you can at any time check and approve the vacation what subordinates filed.

– Vacation confirmation
You can operate, such as confirmation or revocation of the approval status of the application contents.

◎ setting
Profile photo settings
You can set the photo of your liking.

·Change Password
The ability to change the password yourself.

In-house bulletin board
You can route a company share information from the bulletin board.
You can see the PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, the photos in the app.

The opinions of the user himself, is the ability to deliver on the development company of the app.

Master information reload
Remain logged in, the master update information of the server (employee information and various classification setting) is the ability to reflect.

Version confirmed
Smartphone app you can see whether or not the latest version.

How it will introduce a video on.
Answers to frequently asked questions from the user.
To guide the user’s log link, and share the use impressions.

Logout button
You can exit the application when you tap this button.

Master information reload
Remain logged in, the master update information of the server (employee information and various classification setting) is the ability to reflect.

And usage (Frequently Asked Questions)
It guides you through the basic method of operation.

Logout button
You can exit the application when you tap this button.

Latest Updates






i勤怠 2017

i勤怠 APK

Download i勤怠

Download i勤怠 APK

i勤怠 for Android

Download i勤怠 for Android

Download i勤怠 APK for Android

i勤怠 2.1.5 screenshot

i勤怠 screenshot 0i勤怠 screenshot 1i勤怠 screenshot 2i勤怠 screenshot 3i勤怠 screenshot 4i勤怠 screenshot 5

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Welding Helper Latest Version APK for Android

Welding Helper apk
Welding Helper apk

Welding Helper tips and guides. Welding Helper is offered by Ventura design apps. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.2

Welding Helper tips and guides. Basic weld symbols, general data, weld joints, bench design, welding processes, welding safety, polarity chart and more. Mig welding and Tig welding. For every welder.

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), sometimes referred to by its subtypes metal inert gas (MIG) welding or metal active gas (MAG) welding, is a welding process in which an electric arc forms between a consumable wire electrode and the workpiece metal(s), which heats the workpiece metal(s), causing them to melt and join.

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. The weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by an inert shielding gas (argon or helium), and a filler metal is normally used, though some welds, known as autogenous welds, do not require it.

Welding Helper tips and guides.

Many Weld charts
easy to use
Type of Welds
Equiment list
MIG welding
TIG welding
drill chart
tap chart
decimal chart
mill cutter direction
Welder safety
Welder charts

Latest Updates

**Fixed and Less Ads.

**Fixed crash bugs.


Welding Helper APK

Download Welding Helper

Download Welding Helper APK

Welding Helper for Android

Download Welding Helper for Android

Download Welding Helper APK for Android

Welding Helper 1.1.2 screenshot

Welding Helper screenshot 0Welding Helper screenshot 1Welding Helper screenshot 2Welding Helper screenshot 3Welding Helper screenshot 4Welding Helper screenshot 5Welding Helper screenshot 6Welding Helper screenshot 7Welding Helper screenshot 8Welding Helper screenshot 9Welding Helper screenshot 10Welding Helper screenshot 11

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Tigo Backup Latest Version APK for Android

download Tigo Backup apk
download Tigo Backup apk

Tigo Backup is a multipurpose app with features & functionalities for Tigo users. Tigo Backup is offered by Tigo Tanzania Official. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 2.3.3

With Tigo Backup you can keep and save your contacts, photos, music & videos from your devices to Tigo backup secured storage.

Tigo Backup is very easy to use and has all important features that you need to secure your phone and data. You can initiate by sms to alert and find stolen phone.
Also with the online storage you can access your data anytime on the app and at http://www.tigobackup.com

Features List:

1. Keep It, Get It, Save It.
Get your valuable files, priceless photos, music, precious contacts even when mobile devices are broken, stolen, lost, misplaced, hacked, etc. Avoid hassle of transferring data from your old to new mobile devices.
With Auto Sync in the background or Manual upload Tigo Backup keep your data safe for you to access it anytime.

2. Secure your phone
Protect your mobile devices with security features. You can control phones by SMS or from tigobackup.com to Siren, Locate, SIM CHANGE ALERT, WIPE, CAPTURE THIEF’S IMAGE and PROTECT APP LAUNCH.

3. Freedom with Big Storage
You get a 10 Gb storage to save your photos, contacts, videos, messages, files and memories in one safe place and can restore or access it anytime

4. Free-up space with a click
This feature allows users to delete photos, video,
music or files from your device after uploading to Tigo Backup.

5. Easy Search Photos & Notes
Find your moments and photos with location & time instantly. You can search your photos and tags by not only text but by voice. Our advanced search engine let you search photo by single letter or alphabet.

6. PhotoGeoDiary – Save it forever
Tigo Backup will remember every moment, events, parties, birthdays, travel, places, people and stuff you like. You will love the way it works for you.

7. Hide Private photos
Hide personal photos to a private view. Keep it away from public and unwanted eyes.

8. Call Controller:
Manage outgoing and incoming calls with the help of Call-in and Call-out lists. Block unwanted calls in the block list.

9. You can share Videos and Photos from Tigo Backup.

For more details, check out our website: tigobackup.com

Latest Updates

What’s New:

1. Free up phone space with a click for data that is already backed up

2. Music file Backup

3. Music Player

4. Storage Upgraded to Premium Subscribers from 1GB to 10 GB.


Tigo Backup 2017

Tigo Backup APK

Download Tigo Backup

Download Tigo Backup APK

Tigo Backup for Android

Download Tigo Backup for Android

Download Tigo Backup APK for Android

Tigo Backup 2.3.3 screenshot

Tigo Backup screenshot 0Tigo Backup screenshot 1Tigo Backup screenshot 2Tigo Backup screenshot 3Tigo Backup screenshot 4Tigo Backup screenshot 5

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Versammlung und Gebiete Latest Version APK for Android

Versammlung und Gebiete apk
Versammlung und Gebiete apk

With this app you have the areas, program classifications and everything always with you. Versammlung und Gebiete is offered by Studirach. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.6

You are servants area and want to easily manage the areas of the Assembly?
Are you preachers and traveling would like information about your area call.

This app will help you find your way around the area cope. The map, the displayed area limit and your current location, you help. You can go all the important information on the field to retrieve.
The access you get from your area servant

As area servant you can have a private administration tool the field data and the area assignment manage online. Everywhere and everytime.

Show you the current meeting program.
Zeigie you to your lungs united for the school or program points
Wear your absences a self.

Note: This app is not associated with jw.org

Important: At the moment this app is only selected meetings available. Look but new items. Soon this app is also available for your meeting.

What’s New


Diverse Verbesserungen


Versammlung und Gebiete APK

Download Versammlung und Gebiete

Download Versammlung und Gebiete APK

Versammlung und Gebiete for Android

Download Versammlung und Gebiete for Android

Download Versammlung und Gebiete APK for Android

Versammlung und Gebiete 1.6 screenshot

Versammlung und Gebiete screenshot 0Versammlung und Gebiete screenshot 1Versammlung und Gebiete screenshot 2Versammlung und Gebiete screenshot 3

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/Qoe6Pn

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HiDrive Latest Version APK for Android

HiDrive download
HiDrive download

Register for free and get started with 5GB HiDrive! http://www.free-hidrive.com. HiDrive is offered by STRATO AG. Last Updated: October 31, 2016

HiDrive – Love it. Save it. Share it.

HiDrive gives you fantastic online storage for all your files: access them whenever you want, and share them with your friends – anywhere, any time. We also have a HiDrive app to give you access from your smartphone: just sign in with your username and password. Instantly open your photos, music, or documents directly from your HiDrive, email or upload them from your smartphone, and stream movies or listen to music while your download is underway.

The HiDrive App enables you to:
• access your files anywhere in the world
• download all standard file formats from HiDrive and open them on your smartphone
• share your favourite experiences with friends as a photo gallery!
• safely access your files through an encrypted connection
• stream large files, such as, e.g. movies – instantly without waiting
• email large files of up to 25 MB, in any file format
• create share links and send them to your friends
• upload your files and back them up at our TÜV-certified data centers in Germany (in accordance with ISO 27001) – where they are secure in accordance with the German Data Protection Act

Latest Updates

A big thank you for the ton of comments and suggestions you all sent in. This update includes the following improvements:

• Buxfixes and optimisations

Have fun with the app,

Your HiDrive Team


HiDrive 2017

Download HiDrive APK for Android

HiDrive screenshot

HiDrive screenshot 0HiDrive screenshot 1HiDrive screenshot 2HiDrive screenshot 3HiDrive screenshot 4HiDrive screenshot 5HiDrive screenshot 6HiDrive screenshot 7HiDrive screenshot 8HiDrive screenshot 9HiDrive screenshot 10HiDrive screenshot 11HiDrive screenshot 12HiDrive screenshot 13HiDrive screenshot 14HiDrive screenshot 15HiDrive screenshot 16HiDrive screenshot 17

HiDrive apk video

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Ragial Notifier Latest Version APK for Android

Ragial Notifier download
Ragial Notifier download

An app to notify users when an item in Ragnarok Online they want is on sale. Ragial Notifier is offered by Somshubra Majumdar. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version:

Ragnarok Online players! Ever wanted ragial.com to notify you whenever that Sound Amplifier [1] was on sale?
Or a Vitata Card actually dropped to 10 million for the first time in a month?
Or if those always overpriced Strawberries were finally on sale?

Well, now you can! Ragial Notifier will do just that for you.

This app uses Ragi.al data to analyze the items and checks if any item is on sale. If so, it will notify you so that you can look up that venders address and snap it up quickly.

– Add any number of items
– Request notifications for any number of items
– Works for Renewal, Thor and Classic servers
– Has both Vending Shops (V in the shop details) and Buying Shops (B in the shop details)

Note : This app is still in testing. Please send all the crash reports so I can fix them quickly.

Permissions explanation :
INTERNET : Well, ragi.al meant the app would need Internet access.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : To check if WiFi is on. If you wanna monitor a lot of items, you should select the On Wifi Only option in setting.

VIBRATE : Vibrate your phone/watch when you get a notification.

Disclaimer: I, do not in any way, own Ragnarok Online or ragi.al and this app has been developed independent of both Ragnarok Online, owned by Gravity, and Ragi.al, run by irowiki.com

Latest Updates

– Fixed the crash at startup (No internet / Cannot find name of item)


Ragial Notifier 2017

Download Ragial Notifier APK for Android

Ragial Notifier screenshot

Ragial Notifier screenshot 0Ragial Notifier screenshot 1Ragial Notifier screenshot 2Ragial Notifier screenshot 3Ragial Notifier screenshot 4Ragial Notifier screenshot 5Ragial Notifier screenshot 6Ragial Notifier screenshot 7Ragial Notifier screenshot 8Ragial Notifier screenshot 9Ragial Notifier screenshot 10

Ragial Notifier apk video

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f4analyse Latest Version APK for Android

f4analyse apk
f4analyse apk

With f4analyse you can analyze your qualitative data on your android device. f4analyse is offered by audiotranskription.de. Last Updated: October 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.6

With f4analyse you can analyze your qualitative data. Simply import your interviews, ethnographic field notes or other qualitative data as RTF (Rich Text Format) files, and you’re ready to go! In f4analyse you can write memos, develop codes, and code your data. Just as in the f4analyse desktop version, you can organize codes in an intuitive, easy-to-use category system. This android edition works seamlessly with your f4analyse desktop version.

Bundle your Data in a Project File
f4analyse allows you to bundle your data in one project file that you can save and share in one file.
Within your project file you can read, edit, annotate and code your qualitative data. A simple tap will open the documents you want to read. Your data will automatically be displayed with paragraph numbers for easy cross-referencing between texts and sections of data.

Color-Coding Data
In qualitative research, codes are a means of structuring data; codes can be developed ground-up by examining data, or they can be based on existing theoretical frameworks. In f4analyse, codes are organized in a hierarchical code tree; you can add or modify codes & sub-codes at any time during your analysis. In order to code a section of your data, simply highlight the passage and tap on the code you want to assign. The coded section will now be underscored in the code’s color. Code colors can be customized, and you can attach a code memo to each code.

Retrieve Sections of Text
Double-tap on any code to instantly view you all data coded under that code. Retrieval results are neatly organized in a table that shows you the exact source of each retrieved segment. Double-tapping on one of the result references instantly brings you to the original text. Below the list of retrieval results you find a comment field – here you can develop or review your findings, synopses, and theoretical ideas connected with that code.

Memoing & writing Comments
Develop case summaries, interpretations, analytic protocols, hypotheses or findings by using f4analyse’s memoing and comment functions. Code- or document memos are displayed underneath each text or code. In addition to those memos, you can also attach comments to specific sections of your data. To do so, simply highlight the data you want to comment on, and tap on the ‘Memo’ button.

Connect with your Desktop
Switch between working on your computer (Mac,Linux,Windows) and your mobile device (android, iOS) at any time. All versions use the same file format, so your projects are compatible to all versions.

Latest Updates


– various file opening errors

– code list gets correctly displayed on smaller devices

– removed f4analyse from “Complete Action” menu for non-f4 formats

– new App-Icon


f4analyse 2017

Download f4analyse APK for Android

f4analyse 1.0.6 screenshot

f4analyse screenshot 0f4analyse screenshot 1f4analyse screenshot 2f4analyse screenshot 3f4analyse screenshot 4f4analyse screenshot 5f4analyse screenshot 6f4analyse screenshot 7

f4analyse apk video

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