Password Manager-single signon Latest Version APK for Android

Password Manager-single signon apk
Password Manager-single signon apk

From JapanBank、Shop、social web site auto fill、secure note、protect save password. Password Manager-single signon is offered by Trend Micro. Last Updated: October 19, 2016. Current Version: 3.7.1088

Protect your data with Trend Micro™ Password Manager. It secures your passwords and sensitive information with the strongest encryption methods available. With Password Manager, you can safely sign into your favorite websites or access your personal information.

Password Manager includes:

• Bookmark – Saves the usernames and passwords of your favorite websites in Password Manager and then you can sign in with just one click

• Secure Notes – Protects not just your passwords, but also your other personal information in a safe, easy to access location

• Form Filling – Allows you to securely store your address and credit card information

• Password Doctor – Notifies you when you have weak or duplicate passwords

• Password Generator– Creates strong passwords in seconds, so your passwords cannot be decrypted by hackers using brute force techniques

• Cloud Sync – Backs up and syncs your information wherever you are

• Smart Security – Locks your passwords automatically when you are away from your device

• Category – Groups your passwords into categories for easy access

• Search – Finds your passwords easily and quickly

In this age of digital security, everyone wants to have a way to have peace of mind when it comes to their important information. Trend Micro™ Password Manager allows you to secure your information so you can have the confidence that your passwords and critical data is encrypted and safe from hackers.

Password Manager lets you securely add your passwords when you use them. Once they are added, they are encrypted and available to you whenever you need them. All you need to access them is your Master Password. Please note Trend Micro does not save your Master Password. Your data remains under your control, and Trend Micro cannot decrypt your data. Using Password Manager allows you to ensure your privacy and security when you are on the Internet, on all of your devices.

Password Manager includes the Secure Notes feature, where you can store text information that is important to you. Secure Notes are encrypted so you can store information like PINs, security codes, and other notes. Secure Notes are also saved in the cloud, and can be accessed anywhere with your devices that have Password Manager installed.

Form Filling saves your address and credit card information, so it is available when you are shopping or filling out other forms online.

If you need new passwords, use Password Generator to create strong passwords that Password Manger can save for you.

Back up and sync your information wherever you are using Cloud Sync. Password Manager works on your devices, so you can enjoy seamless access to your information, whenever and wherever.

Password Manager partners with industry leading threat defense experts to make sure that your data is well-protected. You can count on having a safer place for your digital information, and use your secure information when you need it, whether it is on a mobile device or at home. By safeguarding your information, Password Manager gives you the confidence to work and play in the digital world.

Latest Updates

* Support local notification


Password Manager-single signon 2017

Download Password Manager-single signon APK for Android

Password Manager-single signon 3.7.1088 screenshot

Password Manager-single signon screenshot 0Password Manager-single signon screenshot 1Password Manager-single signon screenshot 2Password Manager-single signon screenshot 3Password Manager-single signon screenshot 4

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TC Scheduling Table Latest Version APK for Android

download TC Scheduling Table apk
download TC Scheduling Table apk

Schedule and Shift calendar, it's easy to use!. TC Scheduling Table is offered by TowmsChang. Last Updated: October 19, 2016. Current Version: 3.3

– Simple interface,Allowing you to quickly setting the entire month of scheduling table.
– Custom the classes name and time.
– You can choose the color of the word.
– The classes can be add or delete.
– Three kinds of theme colors to choose.
– Fast switching displays the time and class.
– The left or right arrows can switching the prev or next month.
– It can display the last three months of records.
– Export backup file to e-mail.
– Import backup file from e-mail.(Download the file to the File Explorer and open it).
– Import and Display other people’s class table.
– Shift schedule cycle function setting.
– A day can arrange two classes.
– Can set the start day of the week is Sunday or Monday.
– Widget settings ( Recently three days shifts )
– ad-supported

Alarm clock function:(Pro Version)
1.Can setting for how many minutes earlier.
2.Individual classes can set different alarm times.
3.Music can be set (10 sweet bell music).
4.Can set the number of rings over will automatically stop.
5.Alarm clock interval time can be set.
6.When the alarm goes off , it can be stop and wait the next time , or directly end.

※After setting the scheduling table , remember to click the Save button

What’s New


– Add Group classes table edit and past.


– Add Work records (add, delete, modify, output)

– Add Overtime pay input

– Add Overtime monthly billing and output

– Backup support the overall backup


TC Scheduling Table 2017

Download TC Scheduling Table for Android

Download TC Scheduling Table APK for Android

TC Scheduling Table 3.3 screenshot

TC Scheduling Table screenshot 0TC Scheduling Table screenshot 1TC Scheduling Table screenshot 2TC Scheduling Table screenshot 3TC Scheduling Table screenshot 4

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Phone 2 Go Latest Version APK for Android

Phone 2 Go apk
Phone 2 Go apk

Now you can use your home phone on the go! Sign up today!. Phone 2 Go is offered by Time Warner Cable. Last Updated: October 19, 2016. Current Version:

Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company, and soon you’ll get to know us by the name Spectrum. This app is for customers in the former Time Warner Cable service area.
Phone 2 Go transforms your Home Phone experience by allowing you to use up to 5 mobile devices to access your TWC Home Phone—you can make and receive calls, video calls, and text messages at no extra cost! The application allows family members to use your Home Phone account from anywhere on earth to make calls globally from their smartphones and tablets, too, at low-cost home phone rates. You can make calls from anywhere in the world just as though you were in the comfort and economy of your own home! With Phone 2 Go, you can take your Home Phone service with you anywhere!

What’s New

Logo updates


Phone 2 Go 2017

Phone 2 Go for Android

Download Phone 2 Go for Android

Download Phone 2 Go APK for Android

Phone 2 Go screenshot

Phone 2 Go screenshot 0Phone 2 Go screenshot 1Phone 2 Go screenshot 2Phone 2 Go screenshot 3Phone 2 Go screenshot 4Phone 2 Go screenshot 5Phone 2 Go screenshot 6Phone 2 Go screenshot 7Phone 2 Go screenshot 8Phone 2 Go screenshot 9Phone 2 Go screenshot 10Phone 2 Go screenshot 11Phone 2 Go screenshot 12Phone 2 Go screenshot 13Phone 2 Go screenshot 14Phone 2 Go screenshot 15

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Guard Monitor Latest Version APK for Android

Guard Monitor download
Guard Monitor download

Control site assistance. Guard Monitor is offered by TI Latina. Last Updated: October 19, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.7

Guard Monitor monitors the scattered site assistance staff.

Latest Updates

Compatibilidad Lollipop


Guard Monitor 2017

Download Guard Monitor

Download Guard Monitor APK

Guard Monitor for Android

Download Guard Monitor for Android

Download Guard Monitor APK for Android

Guard Monitor 2.0.7 screenshot

Guard Monitor screenshot 0Guard Monitor screenshot 1Guard Monitor screenshot 2

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Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task Latest Version APK for Android

Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task apk
Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task apk

Simple and Most Productive App for your Location-based Tasks, Alerts, Reminders. Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task is offered by Spontaniti. Last Updated: October 19, 2016. Current Version: 1.10

– Want to be notified about a buying milk from a nearby grocery shop, but only while coming back from office.

– Add a Geo task to buy flowers while passing boutique only during weekends

– Set a location-based reminder to get two pizzas when you are near pizza place at Friday evening and show it as notification. Next time just add a note for three pizzas for same task.

– Check the weather condition for Task Location before leaving, Open Google Maps Navigation from task itself to get directions.

You could do all these and much more from your Rovr app.

Welcome to Rovr
Simple & Most Productive App for your Location based Tasks, Alerts, Reminders.

Why use Rovr as your location reminder app?

Custom Geo Alerts / Location Reminders
– With Rovr, Your Geo Alerts @ Your Control.
– Create a custom Location Reminders, which can be personalized by parameters such Dates, Time, Days and of course location of your choice.
– You can also create a Geo Tasks to notify every-time you are near-by your task location.
– Customize to show geo alert based on entering or exiting the region.
– Geo Reminders can be categorized as Business or Personal.
– Its the Productive Location based reminder as most of the details are pre filled with default values such as dates (7 days), time (8 AM to 8 PM) and days (Weekdays) and you could just change as per your preference.

Notes to Notifications
– Add Notes to your Location based tasks and choose to show them as notifications.
– You could add the notes to as per your needs and also view the the history
– This unique feature makes it most Productive Location Reminders app along with other useful features.
– Ex : You could buy 1 packet of Milk every day, but you want to buy extra 2 packets for a today. Just add a note to it and will show it as notification for 2 Extra packets at relevant location.

Other Advantages
– Rovr is developed with complete Google Developer Guidelines and uses Google Play Services for Geo Reminders tasks.
– By using Google Play Services, Rovr efficiently uses the battery, does not causes battery drains & this makes it perfect companion for your Location Reminders.
– Google’s Material Design is core part of our design. This makes it Simplest and Intuitive User Interface to Create / View / Update the Geo Reminders.
– With Rovr you can not only set your Geo Alerts and Location Reminders but also check Current weather and Today’s forecast of your task location before leaving.
– The Weather feature makes Rovr , a mini-weather app to check respective location’s current weather & forecast.
– No need to open Google Maps Navigation and start directions, you could do it all with in from Rovr and choose navigation method your choice (Driving, Bike, Walking) to the task location and get directions!

We hope you like using Rovr – The Simplest and Most Productive Geo Alerts / Location Reminder App!

Latest Updates

Added Voice Notifications in Settings (Beta)

Marshmallow Permissions Support

Archive and Activate options for tasks

Count for Active and Archived Tasks

Improved Tasks Lists Color Indicators

Radius options enhancements


Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task APK

Download Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task

Download Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task APK

Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task for Android

Download Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task for Android

Download Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task APK for Android

Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task 1.10 screenshot

Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 0Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 1Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 2Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 3Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 4Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 5Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 6Rovr:Geo Reminders Alerts Task screenshot 7

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Sales Control Reparto Latest Version APK for Android

download Sales Control Reparto apk
download Sales Control Reparto apk

Control application activity in the field of distribution. Sales Control Reparto is offered by Soluciones Móviles y Comunicaciones SA de CV. Last Updated: October 19, 2016. Current Version: 3.4

Control application activity in the field of distribution.


Sales Control Reparto 2017

Download Sales Control Reparto APK

Sales Control Reparto for Android

Download Sales Control Reparto for Android

Download Sales Control Reparto APK for Android

Sales Control Reparto 3.4 screenshot

Sales Control Reparto screenshot 0Sales Control Reparto screenshot 1Sales Control Reparto screenshot 2Sales Control Reparto screenshot 3Sales Control Reparto screenshot 4

Sales Control Reparto apk video

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ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks Latest Version APK for Android

ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks apk
ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks apk

ToDoodler is a sleek and and easy to use to do list with useful features. ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks is offered by Marco Singhof. Last Updated: October 19, 2016. Current Version: 2.1

Meet ToDoodler, the most convenient task solution for your Android device. It is built with material design in mind and is very comfortable to use. An user friendly to-do app is all you need to organize your life.

– Sleek and modern user interface with material design
– Todos with notes
– Mark todos as important
– Notifications
– Night mode
– Multiple lists (plus)
– Sync in real time (plus)
– Backup (plus)

If you like the app and want these handy extra features, consider getting plus via in-app purchase.

Enjoy. Feel free to contact me.

What’s New

Version 2.1

New: Home Screen Widget !

Fixed: Reminder couldn’t be canceled

Improved: Performance

Enjoy 😁

Version 2.0.8:

– Move todo to another list

– Tons of small improvements

– Design enhancements

– Improved performance

– More awesomeness 😁

Feedback is welcome!



ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks 2017

Download ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks

Download ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks APK

ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks for Android

Download ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks for Android

Download ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks APK for Android

ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks 2.1 screenshot

ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks screenshot 0ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks screenshot 1ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks screenshot 2ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks screenshot 3ToDoodler: Todo list | Tasks screenshot 4

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