Crucial Reminders Latest Version APK for Android

Crucial Reminders download
Crucial Reminders download

Crucial Reminder is just assistance of your daily management life runs smoothly. Crucial Reminders is offered by NexusLink Services. Last Updated: October 17, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.19

You keep forgetting all your most important tasks? If yes then you are at the best app which will assist you to add support in your daily busy life. Crucial Reminders helps you to manage your daily life & long time goals. You can set your all reminders as per needs.

You can set & plan any day on upcoming calendar. It’s a crucial because it will remind you on time to execute your tasks which are important to be done on time. Crucial reminder is just bundle of all your needs in just one app, It has following list of functionality:

1. Daily Reminders:
• Daily Reminders help you to remind your daily activities to perform without miss such as consume medicines, sending daily report, etc
• It will remind you every day or on specific day chosen at the time of creation
• Just speak your activity with tapping on microphone icon & will get typed for you.
• Create & assign category to manage your daily reminders
• You can create Recurring Reminders with tapping on Repeat with setting up other inputs as per your needs Like Repeat Weekdays, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly

2. Tasks To Do:
• Manage your day efficiently without missing any single tasks
• You can manage your Day Tasks using Tasks To Do
• Add New Task with simply tapping on ‘+’ icon
• Specify date & time for the tasks on which its need to execute
• Add & Set category on same screen to manage any number of your tasks
• You can set Recurring tasks which needed at any time on any day
• Even you can also add sub tasks under the main task

3. Birthday Reminders:
• Never miss to wish your loved one on time with Birthday Reminders
• Simply add once and never miss any event such as birthdays, anniversary & other yearly repeatable events
• Create categories to Manage events, If you would like to add Anniversary then just create category then assign to event so you will be notified with category name.

4. Shopping Reminders:
• Don’t need to be confused or remind while you are at shopping. Everything is ready in shopping list.
• It will save your lot of time while at shopping if you have list ready !
• Add individual Shopping list as per your visit & then add items into it so you will not miss any item
• You can set Reminders as per your shopping plan so never run out with your stuff

5. Location Reminder:
• You just need to set location on Map while adding reminders & we will remind you when you reach
physically at the place which is set on map.
• This is real time reminder helps you when you reach at the place which you have set with reminder
• You can simply add reminder and add pin on map then rest all app will do to assist you on time
• If you are visiting one place and on the way your one of best friend wants to meet then simply just
tap on map about his location so when you will reach there, Location reminder will remind you with
the customized texts you have entered. By this way you can never forget.

What’s New

– Solved some bugs.

– Improved performance.


Crucial Reminders APK

Download Crucial Reminders

Download Crucial Reminders APK

Crucial Reminders for Android

Download Crucial Reminders for Android

Download Crucial Reminders APK for Android

Crucial Reminders 1.0.19 screenshot

Crucial Reminders screenshot 0Crucial Reminders screenshot 1Crucial Reminders screenshot 2Crucial Reminders screenshot 3Crucial Reminders screenshot 4Crucial Reminders screenshot 5Crucial Reminders screenshot 6Crucial Reminders screenshot 7

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Catastro (España) Latest Version APK for Android

Catastro (España) download
Catastro (España) download

Check out the details of a property land, buildings, farms and fields. Catastro (España) is offered by Luis Ángel Marquina. Last Updated: October 17, 2016. Current Version: 1.7.30

Locatiza by data address or a point on the map and cadastral data query of any property in Spain (except Basque Country). Yes Navarra is included for context menu.
You can also share the location of the property with external maps as Google Maps to calculate the route navigation to that location.
In addition it incorporates compass and map search Contacts on the agenda of dispositvo to show on the map with the ability to update the contact address by moving the marker instead.
From the map you can also upload files GeoJSON, GPX or KML and measurements (calculate distances and areas) and download them GeoJSON format.
Choose from various graphical maps or aerial view and Overlay the map of the Land Registry and / or Presentations value and select any farm or plot to consult your details, view the facade of the building, an aerial view, the scheme of the farm or download PDF or send it via email all cadastral data. Or go directly to the tab of the DGC or to the page of SIGPAC or in the case of Navarre details Registry of Territorial Wealth, where you can view or download more information.
Lightweight, fast, simple and effective. With just a few clicks access to all information.
No cumbersome forms, no applications that occupy many megabytes, and best of all: with corrective maintenance and planned improvements.

Please help promote it valuing the App, it is a good way to go creciendlo and mejorndo. Thank you.

Latest Updates

¿Qué trae esta actualización?

– Se cambia el mapa de MapQuest inválido por diseño personalizado de Mapbox nombrado TopoStreets.

NOTA: Por favor, valora la App es el único medio de promoción que además incentiva al desarrollador a seguir haciéndola mejor. Gracias.


Catastro (España) 2017

Catastro (España) for Android

Download Catastro (España) for Android

Download Catastro (España) APK for Android

Catastro (España) 1.7.30 screenshot

Catastro (España) screenshot 0Catastro (España) screenshot 1Catastro (España) screenshot 2Catastro (España) screenshot 3Catastro (España) screenshot 4Catastro (España) screenshot 5Catastro (España) screenshot 6Catastro (España) screenshot 7Catastro (España) screenshot 8Catastro (España) screenshot 9Catastro (España) screenshot 10Catastro (España) screenshot 11Catastro (España) screenshot 12

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GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool Latest Version APK for Android

GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool download
GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool download

Bluetooth SPP, USB, TCP/IP and HTTP data acquisition / device communication. GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool is offered by TEC-IT. Last Updated: October 17, 2016. Current Version: 2.16.0

GetBlue provides automated data acquisition and manual device communication for Bluetooth SPP devices, serial USB devices, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera barcode-scanners.

OVERVIEW: The full version of GetBlue automatically collects data from Bluetooth SPP, serial USB, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera scanners in the background. The captured data is forwarded to adjustable target devices, files, online spreadsheets or even inserted into 3rd party applications. Bi-directional device communication is supported, manual communication functions for reading and writing data are available as well.

DETAILS: The data acquisition app GetBlue captures data from an adjustable data source and forwards it to any supported target. The following devices and protocols are currently available:

• Bluetooth SPP and Bluetooth RFCOMM
All serial Bluetooth devices supporting the Serial Port Profile (like SPP or RFCOMM barcode scanners) can be used. GetBlue supports Bluetooth client and Bluetooth server mode, thus any Bluetooth-enabled device as well as PC connections are possible.

• Serial USB
May not work on some Android devices. FTDI and Prolific chipsets are supported.

• TCP/IP Socket
Any device providing a TCP/IP socket.

HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests with adjustable parameters.

• Camera scanners
Any external camera scanner app can be used.

• Manual data input
Device commands can be entered manually
Captured data can be forwarded via Bluetooth, USB, TCP/IP and HTTP to any target device. In addition the collected data can be

• displayed (HEX or ASCII)
• stored locally in a file (including time-stamps)
• uploaded to a Google Docs Spreadsheet
• or inserted into any app on your smartphone via the GetBlue soft-keyboard (keyboard wedge operation).

APPLICATION SCENARIOS: GetBlue is used as keyboard wedge (scanning barcodes with a Bluetooth scanner and injecting the bar code data into any app), as automated data logger (e.g. uploading captured data to a Google Docs spreadsheet or storing it into a local file), for controlling Bluetooth devices, as low-cost barcode scanner connected to a PC, etc.

FREE SUPPORT: In case of problems, questions or requests please contact us via e-mail ( or Skype (TECITSupport).

KNOWN PROBLEMS: Some Android devices use a faulty Bluetooth firmware and therefore, SPP communication might not work reliably. The following procedure may help:

– Switch off Bluetooth and stop all related apps
– Reboot your device
– Turn Bluetooth back on
– Re-connect it to your device
– Use GetBlue

Don’t forget to rate the app. We highly appreciate your feedback.

DEMO VERSION: A free demo with slight limitations is available in the Android Market. All features are identical. Just search for Apps published by TEC-IT.

Latest Updates


+ Rework of UI design

+ Fixed export for updated Google Sheets online service


+ UI fixes for Android 5 (missing texts for get/post switch in HTTP settings)


+ Bug fix release (Barcode Keyboard 1.5.4, USB data sink, Google Drive authentication problem, icons)


+ Improved Bluetooth Connectivity with Honeywell 8650 (LXE 8650) Bluetooth Ring Scanner


GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool 2017

Download GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool APK

GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool for Android

Download GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool for Android

Download GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool APK for Android

GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool 2.16.0 screenshot

GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool screenshot 0GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool screenshot 1GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool screenshot 2GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool screenshot 3GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool screenshot 4GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool screenshot 5GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool screenshot 6

GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool apk video

See more information and download apk file:

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Syncplicity Latest Version APK for Android

Syncplicity download
Syncplicity download

Syncplicity is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution. Syncplicity is offered by Syncplicity, Inc.. Last Updated: October 17, 2016. Current Version: 4.0.1

Syncplicity is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution that gives you access to all your files on all your devices, online or offline, with no hassles. By combining our highly secure solution with a rich mobile, web and desktop experience, you get to collaborate inside and outside your organization easily. All while giving IT professionals the security, manageability, and control they need.

• Access all your files in any of your folders on any device with no extra steps
• Securely share files and folders, inside and outside the organization
• Sync file changes across all devices in real time so documents are always protected and available on across all platforms and devices
• Access your SharePoint sites from your mobile device

Immersive User Experience

• Enjoy a beautiful, 100% native user interface optimized for your device
• New “sheet-based” navigation makes finding and accessing files easy
• Manage files and folders: create, delete, copy, and restore anything, anywhere
• Mark folders and files as “favorites” to gain automatic offline access via the industry’s only mobile “push” synchronization
• Upload multiple photos, videos, documents, or any other files directly from your device to any Syncplicity folder
• Quickly access key features through contextual menus on files and folders

Easy and Secure Sharing and Collaboration

• Share files with shared links (All Editions) or with optional password protection and restricted recipients using secure shared links (Business and Enterprise Editions only)
• Track shared file download activity (All Editions) including location-based information (Business and Enterprise Editions only)
• Follow files, folders, and links to stay informed when content changes with our newly designed Activity Feed
• No file size limits

Mobile Access to Microsoft Office Documents and PDFs

• Securely open Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and PDF files right inside the Syncplicity app (All Editions)
• Edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and annotate PDF files right inside the Syncplicity app (Business and Enterprise Editions only)
• Deliver Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with transitions and animations directly from your mobile device (All Editions)

Increased Productivity with Syncplicity Insights™

• Get prompted to send uploaded documents and pictures to meeting attendees without having to create a separate email
• Get notified on the most active folders in your account
• Get notified when a user has not downloaded a shared link

Your files are safe with the industry’s most robust enterprise-grade security and controls:

• Syncplicity encrypts files in transit and on devices with AES-256 encryption
• Users or IT can wipe user account and folder content when a device is lost, stolen or an employee leaves an organization without requiring a mobile device management solution
• Set optional passcode for protection and configure the mobile device to optimize data plan, battery life and prevent open into third party apps
• Set policies for mobile account access and folder/file sharing for users and groups (Business and Enterprise Editions)

Get started with a free 10 GB Personal Edition account or try our Business or Enterprise Editions for 30 days for FREE.

Latest Updates


1. Affiliate Company Sharing support has been added to the Syncplicity Android app:

Affiliate Company Sharing allows collaboration with affiliate companies (partners, suppliers, subsidiaries, contractors, acquisitions etc.) while maintaining control of external file sharing.

2. Design enhancements:

● “Add New Content” button was added on the Files screen

● Check-boxes have been replaced with switches in Settings

● You can now set up expiration for a shared file from your Android device


Syncplicity 2017

Download Syncplicity APK for Android

Syncplicity 4.0.1 screenshot

Syncplicity screenshot 0Syncplicity screenshot 1Syncplicity screenshot 2Syncplicity screenshot 3Syncplicity screenshot 4Syncplicity screenshot 5

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Clash Base Designer for COC Latest Version APK for Android

Clash Base Designer for COC apk
Clash Base Designer for COC apk

Quickly design COC Base Layouts (COC maps) of any Town Hall for Clash of Clans. Clash Base Designer for COC is offered by Spooky Ideas. Last Updated: October 17, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.0

Best help you can get when designing base layouts for Clash of Clans village Or War Base!

Designing war base layouts or village layouts was hard, more for Town Hall 8 onwards. For complex base designs, it took hours to correctly design a base layout map.

Until now, most Clash of Clans users had to use two screens to be able to design the base layouts, and spend hours on designing it, but you don’t need to do that anymore!

Now you can easily copy any base layout design you like. Just take a screenshot of that base, and then Select that screenshot from our App. The base layout will be floating over the screen. You can then go to Clash of Clans Layout designer and use the floating screenshot as a tracing paper!

For an average user it will take 10-20 minutes to design a Clash of Clans base using this base designer app.

You can also browse from our collection of best coc bases and use them instead of a screenshot.

– Easily Copy any base in 10-20 minutes
– Copy bases of Friends, Clan mates, enemies, or any coc maps you like
– Browse and Use our collection of base maps- War Base, Farming, Trophy Push and Hybrid Bases
– Keep collection of favourite coc maps
– Control the transparency of the floating layout!
– Use the transparent map as a tracing paper and just draw over it! So easy!
– New maps are added in collection frequently.

Your feedback is welcome, please give your comments or suggestions via
– Play Store Review or
– Our facebook page-
– Or via email.

Want to include your base layouts? Feel free to email with the screenshot!

Thank You!

Latest Updates


– Added “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” section in the app

– New maps following Clash of Clans recent updates

– List / Grid View options in the Base Collection

– Performance Improvement (Collections now load faster)

– Bug Fixes


Clash Base Designer for COC 2017

Download Clash Base Designer for COC APK for Android

Clash Base Designer for COC 1.1.0 screenshot

Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 0Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 1Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 2Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 3Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 4Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 5Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 6Clash Base Designer for COC screenshot 7

Clash Base Designer for COC apk video

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FieldLocate Latest Version APK for Android

download FieldLocate apk
download FieldLocate apk

FieldLocate is an efficient, cutting-edge mobile field service management system. FieldLocate is offered by FieldLocate. Last Updated: October 17, 2016. Current Version: 4.9.0

FieldLocate is an efficient, cutting-edge mobile field service management system designed for the home and commercial service industries. FieldLocate gives you the flexibility to manage your business from anywhere.

FieldLocate requires:
• no maintenance or service agreements
• no long-term commitments
• no initial capital to start

The dispatch board makes location based dispatch possible by showing customers and tech locations and makes appointment setting quick and easy. The map view takes the guess work out of reducing drive time because you can see the shortest route for all of your techs at one time.

FieldLocate helps you cut costs by only entering in information ONCE. We reduce double data entry by integrating with common accounting systems such as QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Timberline, Sage Simply Accounting, and Peachtree.

Customer Database
FieldLocate keeps all of your customer information in one easily accessible and organized place. Keeping track of your customers has never been so easy. Using our features allows your business to have a consistent presence to your customers without having to repeat information.

FieldLocate Mobile Apps create a work environment where all team members have the same information at their fingertips, cutting down on unnecessary phone calls or frustration with missing information.

Don’t deal with messy desks and cluttered disorganization ever again! FieldLocate helps your company go completely paperless by keeping all of your information in the cloud. Digital service orders create seamless records between the field and your office, eliminating double entry.

FieldLocate features several reporting functions that allow you to measure your company’s success with ease. Reports on your part inventory, payroll, lead sources and job costing are just a few examples of how the FieldLocate software allows you to tap into all of the data your company keeps.

Latest Updates

Android 7 support.


FieldLocate 2017

FieldLocate APK

Download FieldLocate

Download FieldLocate APK

FieldLocate for Android

Download FieldLocate for Android

Download FieldLocate APK for Android

FieldLocate 4.9.0 screenshot

FieldLocate screenshot 0FieldLocate screenshot 1FieldLocate screenshot 2FieldLocate screenshot 3

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SiCepat Express Latest Version APK for Android

download SiCepat Express apk
download SiCepat Express apk

Your Delivery is Our Priority. SiCepat Express is offered by PT. SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia. Last Updated: October 17, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.2

SiCepat is a shipping company that was founded in 2004, with the vision and mission to be the best in its field. Area SiCepat current business activities include transportation to the Air and Army.

This application is SiCepat official application for Android. Features available in Android SiCepat are:
– Fast and small files. We use native Android App technology resulting in faster with relatively small files.
– Checking sis who is always up to date
– There is a default setting of origin so that you do not need to input the home town repeatedly
– Track package that comes with history and search ever entered receipt number
– Hotkeys to contact us by phone

Your Delivery is Our Priority! Entrust your shipment to SiCepat Express.

Latest Updates

Ubah nomor telepon kantor SiCepat Express


SiCepat Express 2017

SiCepat Express APK

Download SiCepat Express

Download SiCepat Express APK

SiCepat Express for Android

Download SiCepat Express for Android

Download SiCepat Express APK for Android

SiCepat Express 1.0.2 screenshot

SiCepat Express screenshot 0SiCepat Express screenshot 1SiCepat Express screenshot 2SiCepat Express screenshot 3SiCepat Express screenshot 4

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