bee-doo Latest Version APK for Android

download bee-doo apk
download bee-doo apk

Save energy costs, help friends, protect nature, earn high commission!. bee-doo is offered by United Promotion GmbH. Last Updated: October 14, 2016. Current Version: 2.4.5

The bee-doo App is recommended by the “German Consumer Association eV” and offers you the brilliant possibility with your smartphone or tablet to make money: Simple, quick and easy you can with the bee-doo App earn more than with another part-time job and ‘re helping to save even your friends.

Thanks to an idea by Patrick Grabowski and the bee-doo app received at least 10,000 households in Germany the grandiose way with little expenditure of time and earning no prior knowledge 500 € per month, but also significantly higher incomes than “bee-doo-pro” absolutely realistic , As if that were not enough, you also protect the bee-doo app the environment and Mother Nature.

How does this work?

Approximately 8 out of 10 households in Germany are still supplied by the so-called universal supplier of gas and electricity and therefore pay each year way too much for energy used. The bee-doo app you’ll find in a few moments a significantly cheaper alternative utilities and save as, depending on the current consumption, at best, hundreds of euros of unnecessary expenses a.

Per site localization finds the bee-doo app almost automatically a suitable and high-quality range for your current location. Can be with the grandiose “Paperless function” even legally valid signatures and contracts directly involved within the app – easier and faster entered into electricity or gas suppliers exchange never before.

Rearranging your friends and acquaintances to a sustainable gas or green energy tariff with power from renewable energy sources You spare so also Mother Nature and actively carry a large part to preserve our environment.

For this you will be rewarded with an attractive commission of at least 40 € per mediated supply contract – in the next commission levels are waiting up to 90 € per completed gas or electricity tariff for you. In the commercial sector you even get up to 1300 € for an optimized supply contract – faster and easier, you can hardly make money and do it even good!

As a real bee-doo you drive thanks to the bee-doo-mobile vehicle program even a Mercedes CLA and have this only refuel – you’d better want to drive another car, we keep a large number of comparable vehicle models ready. Easy and cheap travel just a few: refueling, and drive away is the motto for the rest makes bee-doo!

Here, the bee-doo Family and initiator Patrick Grabowski enjoyed since the establishment of huge popularity and great public interest. So 2015 reported among other known formats such as “Taff” on “Pro7” or “Rent, Sale, Residential” to “VOX” on the self-made winner of Hamelin with the penchant for flashy supercar like his “Iron Man Lambo Aventador on Fire’ n Ice “.

You become now part of our large community and secure you an attractive additional source of income, rely on your own team and realize with bee-doo your goals.

What’s New

Neu in dieser Version:

► Korrektur Preisdarstellung / Ersparnis bei Gewerbetarifen


bee-doo APK

Download bee-doo

Download bee-doo APK

bee-doo for Android

Download bee-doo for Android

Download bee-doo APK for Android

bee-doo 2.4.5 screenshot

bee-doo screenshot 0bee-doo screenshot 1bee-doo screenshot 2bee-doo screenshot 3bee-doo screenshot 4

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Xerox Print Portal Latest Version APK for Android

Xerox Print Portal download
Xerox Print Portal download

Xerox Mobile Print Portal enables mobile users a simple method to print. Xerox Print Portal is offered by Xerox. Last Updated: October 14, 2016. Current Version:

The Xerox Mobile Print Portal requires one of our Xerox Mobile Print Solutions currently available on and enables smartphone and tablet users to connect with network printers for a simple, convenient, and secure method to print.

Print to Xerox, Fuji Xerox and non-Xerox including HP, Ricoh, Epson, Canon and others’ network print devices
Open documents directly in the Print Portal for easy print and preview
Print MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, email, text, Open Office and various image formats
Select print options such as 1-Sided/ 2-Sided, color/ black-white, stapled, paper-size, and page range
Use GPS to find locations and available printers
Add a printer by simply scanning the printer specific QR Code
Print documents immediately or upload them securely for release later
Use the camera function to capture a picture and then print it
View the currently selected printer status
Add and manage your Favorite Printers and Print Preferences (Color, 2-Sided, Staple)
Print directly from other applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive and more
In app help allows users to reference key app features and capabilities
Accounting support
Integrated Public/Hot Spot printing
Print emails directly using our in-app email printing feature
Control the release of the your document by leveraging Xerox Secure Printing
Unlock supported Xerox Printers using the app instead of a card

Supports printing to local, workplace and public
Local printing requires no additional software

Feature availability depends on Xerox Mobile Print solution version and Administrator configuration
1.) Obtain your Company Code information for your Xerox Mobile Print Solution
2.) Download and install Xerox Mobile Print Portal App
3.) Register & Login to Xerox Mobile Print using your Company Code and Credentials
4.) Browse your Mobile Device and open a document to print
5.) Select “Open In…” using Print Portal to Upload, Preview & Print your Documents*
6.) Select an available printer, printer options and release your document

*Actual names and availability of menu commands may vary across mobile platforms.

Visit for more information on Xerox Mobile Solutions

What’s New

Bug fixes and minor enhancements


Xerox Print Portal 2017

Xerox Print Portal for Android

Download Xerox Print Portal for Android

Download Xerox Print Portal APK for Android

Xerox Print Portal screenshot

Xerox Print Portal screenshot 0Xerox Print Portal screenshot 1Xerox Print Portal screenshot 2Xerox Print Portal screenshot 3Xerox Print Portal screenshot 4Xerox Print Portal screenshot 5Xerox Print Portal screenshot 6Xerox Print Portal screenshot 7Xerox Print Portal screenshot 8Xerox Print Portal screenshot 9Xerox Print Portal screenshot 10Xerox Print Portal screenshot 11

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Trimble RTX Latest Version APK for Android

Trimble RTX apk
Trimble RTX apk

Trimble® RTX™ technology. cm accuracy. No base station required. Trimble RTX is offered by Trimble Navigation. Last Updated: October 14, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.306

Trimble® RTX™ technology. cm accuracy. No base station required.

The Trimble RTX™ mobile app gives end users in the geospatial, agriculture and construction sectors access to important RTX-related features that can make their work easier. The app offers several important RTX-related features, including:

• Communicate with your receiver via Bluetooth to start recording sessions in the field
• Retrieve recorded data from the receiver and send to the RTX post-processing service
• Receive a report with new point data data in app or via email
• Get app alerts about recording and post-processing progress

•Scan or manually enter the receiver serial number to activate your RangePoint RTX corrections service
•Receive the passcode in-app and via email upon successful submission
•Enter passcode into your receiver to activate RangePoint RTX corrections service

• See where the satellites are in relation to your receiver and look at satellite geometry with the Satellite Skyplot.
• See the number of satellites in view and get the azimuth and L-1 and L-2 signal noise ratio with the Satellite Status chart.
• Understand the signal quality of the satellites in view with the Satellite Signal Noise Ratio graph.
• View coverage maps for CenterPoint RTX and RangePoint RTX corrections services.

• Change your Tectonic Plate
• Choose a different regional or global coordinate systems
• Manage receivers that you have connected to in the past and add new receivers

What’s New

Bug fixes.

New features.

Updated documentation.

Added support for Trimble R2.


Trimble RTX 2017

Trimble RTX APK

Download Trimble RTX

Download Trimble RTX APK

Trimble RTX for Android

Download Trimble RTX for Android

Download Trimble RTX APK for Android

Trimble RTX 1.0.306 screenshot

Trimble RTX screenshot 0Trimble RTX screenshot 1Trimble RTX screenshot 2Trimble RTX screenshot 3Trimble RTX screenshot 4Trimble RTX screenshot 5Trimble RTX screenshot 6Trimble RTX screenshot 7

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TienesMultas Latest Version APK for Android

download TienesMultas apk
download TienesMultas apk

This application seeking some fine published in Official Gazettes. TienesMultas is offered by PYRAMID CONSULTING S.L. Last Updated: October 14, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.2

Tienesmultas is a completely free and open to all drivers concerned about their fines application.

This application will allow, instantly know if you have any fines published in Official Gazettes and subscribe to the alert system to alert you in case of finding future fines.

Tienesmultas is the free search engine MultAyuda fines / Pyramid Consulting.

PYRAMID Consulting is a law office with more than 20 years of experience, a leader in the field of Administrative Law, composed of professionals and experts in exercise, offering all kinds of solutions for the protection of drivers.

Latest Updates

Rediseño completo de la app:

– Búsqueda de multas más inteligente.

– Rediseño de la interfaz.


TienesMultas 2017

TienesMultas for Android

Download TienesMultas for Android

Download TienesMultas APK for Android

TienesMultas 2.0.2 screenshot

TienesMultas screenshot 0TienesMultas screenshot 1TienesMultas screenshot 2TienesMultas screenshot 3TienesMultas screenshot 4TienesMultas screenshot 5TienesMultas screenshot 6TienesMultas screenshot 7

Detail information and download apk file:

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HiDoctor Latest Version APK for Android

download HiDoctor apk
download HiDoctor apk

HiDoctor App enables sales representative to fill his Daily Call report(offline). HiDoctor is offered by Swaas System Private Limited. Last Updated: October 14, 2016. Current Version: 2.6

HiDoctor is a Customer Relationship Management solutions enable the field representatives to register their daily activities in offline.

HiDoctor app enables a sales representative to fill his Daily Call report offline and then submit as per the compliance policy of the organization.

You can enter Daily Call Report (DCR) with speed and simplicity without internet. Once you fill the DCR and submit, submit the DCR locally. To update the same to your Head Office, please do ‘Upload My DCR’. This will enable all your DCR get updated with your Head Office

This HiDoctor App, now help the Reps alone who does not have any juniors in his/her hierarchy.

Managers, Please excuse. As of now the HiDoctor App supports only for Reps .Please encourage your Reps to use the app and upload the DCR in regular interval.

What’s New

* Improved User per day report with online support

* Added new feature – Hourly Report

* Minor bug fixes.

Thanks for using this application


HiDoctor 2017

Download HiDoctor for Android

Download HiDoctor APK for Android

HiDoctor 2.6 screenshot

HiDoctor screenshot 0HiDoctor screenshot 1HiDoctor screenshot 2

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ezChanger File Name Management Latest Version APK for Android

ezChanger File Name Management apk
ezChanger File Name Management apk

Rename easy!Folder management, file names are easier to manage!. ezChanger File Name Management is offered by 여우네 작업실. Last Updated: October 14, 2016. Current Version: 1.32

The file name will ease the management of the Android system.

Easy Changer (ezChanger) is an optimization program to manage file names and folder names managed by the Android system. You can navigate the folders in the current Android system, including the Explorer, the ability to run the file as needed. In addition, the macro file name management functions and also provides the ability to sort and load the photographing information (Metadata) to allow easy management of photo files separately.

▶ Do you have a lot to sort the file names uncomfortable experience?
: Easy-changer is equipped with its own editing screen for the bulk of the optimization program for managing file names.

▶ Do you have experience in that picture file is the file name depends difficult to organize?
: If the changer is not taken by other imaging equipment filename contains information about the shooting was normally taken, although different, allows easy alignment over time.

▶ Do you need a file explorer?
: Not Changer supports basic file browsing treeview format.

[main function]
– File Explorer in the tree format support
– Real-time file explorer of execution support
– By folder and file by renaming support
– Support the editing screen for volume file management
– Modifying the file name
– To fix the total file extensions
– File Front Full entering letters
– Align the file name of the photo file support full replacement

[Supported languages]
– Korean

[Online Channels
– Homepage:

Developers Contact:

Latest Updates

1.32 마시맬로우 대응

-> 저장소 권한을 허가하셔야 정상 이용이 가능합니다.


ezChanger File Name Management APK

Download ezChanger File Name Management

Download ezChanger File Name Management APK

ezChanger File Name Management for Android

Download ezChanger File Name Management for Android

Download ezChanger File Name Management APK for Android

ezChanger File Name Management 1.32 screenshot

ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 0ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 1ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 2ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 3ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 4ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 5ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 6ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 7ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 8ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 9ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 10ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 11ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 12ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 13ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 14ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 15ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 16ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 17ezChanger File Name Management screenshot 18

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RigMinders Latest Version APK for Android

RigMinders apk
RigMinders apk

RigMinders app is exclusively designed for transportation professionals. RigMinders is offered by SPAN Enterprises LLC. Last Updated: October 14, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.0

It’s your life, connected! Keep your business in sync with our free customizable reminder app for transportation professionals.

RigMinders is the only reminder app that comes preloaded with trucking industry filing deadlines to save you time.

Get reminders for important deadlines and tax reminders, like when to E-file Form 2290, HVUT, IFTA, permit renewals, and even more trucking due dates. You don’t have to remember when to file, where to file, or what truck to file for because RigMinders can do that for you!

Simplify your life! You can turn on the industry reminders that apply to your operation and switch off the reminders that don’t. It’s as easy as a single swipe of your finger. Not to mention, you can set your own personal truck reminders as well about truck maintenance and expiration dates!

You can even customize when and how you get your notifications. You can pick same day, the day before, or the week before, as well as choose whether to get push notifications, an email, or both!

And, when you open the app, on the “upcoming truck deadlines” tab, RigMinders lists truck deadlines for the next 90 days. Just for a little extra assurance, so you can manage your business seamlessly and begin preparing for the next deadline before it sneaks up on you.

If you need even more help remembering or want to get a head start on preparations, under the “other truck deadlines” tab, you can view deadlines that come after 90 days. Or, you can simply rely on your RigMinders notifications to keep you in check and up-to-date on industry-related and personal deadlines.

RigMinders is even an expert at keeping track of your own personal reminders in the “Personal Reminders” tab. Keep track of your bills, scheduled maintenance appointments, or anything else you think you’ll need to be reminded of. The power is yours!

You’ll never file late, miss another appointment, expiration date, or industry deadline again with RigMinders!

Latest Updates

– We’ve added a Gmail and Facebook Sign in option so you can get started faster!

– Now you can setup your own personal reminders within the app

– You can now choose to receive push notifications, email notifications, or both!

– We’ve made a few UI tweaks that you would love!!


RigMinders 2017

RigMinders APK

Download RigMinders

Download RigMinders APK

RigMinders for Android

Download RigMinders for Android

Download RigMinders APK for Android

RigMinders 2.0.0 screenshot

RigMinders screenshot 0RigMinders screenshot 1RigMinders screenshot 2RigMinders screenshot 3RigMinders screenshot 4RigMinders screenshot 5RigMinders screenshot 6RigMinders screenshot 7

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