MultasGT Latest Version APK for Android

MultasGT apk
MultasGT apk

All your traffic fines in Guatemala with one click. MultasGT is offered by SEASE. Last Updated: October 02, 2016. Current Version: 3.1.1

Fines Guatemala is an application to view traffic tickets in several municipalities of Guatemala with one click to enter the license plate number.

With queries you get the date, location, description and cost of your ticket.

The following queries are possible:
– City of Antigua Guatemala
– Municipality of Fraijanes
– Municipality of Guatemala
– Municipality of Resume
– Municipality of San Lucas
– Municipality of Santa Catarina
– Municipality of Villa Nueva

Keywords: fines, penalties Guatemala, municipal fines, penalties pnc Guatemala, auto

Latest Updates

Versión 3.0.1

– Totalmente rediseñada

– Nuevas librerías de comunicación

– Actualización de Login con Facebook

– Mejoras visuales

– Correcciones múltiples

– Nuevo logo

Version 3.0

-Correccion de multiples errores.

-Mejoras de diseño


MultasGT APK

Download MultasGT

Download MultasGT APK

MultasGT for Android

Download MultasGT for Android

Download MultasGT APK for Android

MultasGT 3.1.1 screenshot

MultasGT screenshot 0MultasGT screenshot 1MultasGT screenshot 2MultasGT screenshot 3MultasGT screenshot 4MultasGT screenshot 5

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LehrerCal 16/17 Latest Version APK for Android

LehrerCal 16/17 apk
LehrerCal 16/17 apk

Teacher Calendar for Android. LehrerCal 16/17 is offered by Gregor Prinz. Last Updated: October 02, 2016. Current Version: 1.7

LehrerCal 16/17 is a week on light-orientated teacher calendar for Android with the school year 2016/2017 data. Now custom data in the holiday administration possible.

From a teacher of teachers.

LehrerCal does NOT provide student management but is a pure calendaring and scheduling tool – is my privacy practices, ie too sensitive …

LehrerCal was developed for 10-inch models, 7-inch is, 5-inch and smaller does not go really …

LehrerCal is a fairly direct transfer of a cardboard popular weekly based teacher calendar.
It therefore provides the same overview for lesson planning. It can be used to plan ahead or for later lookup ( “What have I done since …”) are used.

Since I LehrerCal ever want to develop, I would be grateful for feedback, if you like the app – or even if you do not like … requests, suggestions and criticisms are welcome. If you have problems with LehrerCal or crash the app, please send an e-mail. Crash reports are very helpful, but in a communication by e-mail, you can isolate the problem better. Thank you very much.

Control center is the weekly overview. It connects you to all other areas of LehrerCal:
– Day
– Monthly view
– Material distribution plan (with csv export)
– Class work planner
– Task Management
– Appointment management
– General notes
– Timetable management
– Rental management
– settings
– backup

Among the permissions:
LehrerCal needs access to:
* Calendar: the calendar display and writing dates.
* Photos / Media / Files: For a few small files (s directory LehrerCal_16_17 on your device.), For backup and for the csv export. LehrerCal engages ONLY data in LehrerCal_16_17 directory!

Latest Updates

– Letzte anzuzeigende Stunde kann jetzt auch 1. Stunde sein

– csv-Export der Stoffverteilungspläne

– Bugfix KA-Ansicht bei benutzerdefinierten Ferien

– noch ein paar Bugfixes (Pausen und ganztägige Aktivitäten)


LehrerCal 16/17 2017

LehrerCal 16/17 for Android

Download LehrerCal 16/17 for Android

Download LehrerCal 16/17 APK for Android

LehrerCal 16/17 1.7 screenshot

LehrerCal 16/17 screenshot 0LehrerCal 16/17 screenshot 1LehrerCal 16/17 screenshot 2LehrerCal 16/17 screenshot 3

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PaperSimple Latest Version APK for Android

PaperSimple download
PaperSimple download

Quick and easy way to create professional vector graphics. PaperSimple is offered by PaperSimple Co.. Last Updated: October 02, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.1

PaperSimple uses powerful sketch recognition technology to turn your ideas and drawings into super cool vector graphics! They make drawing from point A to B simple and give all your creations incredible versatility and scalability. With PaperSimple loaded to your smartphone or tablet, you can design almost anything – from emojis and logos, to infographics, cartoons and more! Plus PaperSimple comes with a suit of intuitive on-screen design and coloring pallets that make edits a cinch. When you’re ready, just export your file with compatible software (Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Vizio etc.)!

What’s New

– Added menu to set custom size of paper

– Use glow to show selection that can make better distinction between different objects

– Slight update to icon to be more clear of its function

– Migrate to Material-style dialog and Firebase crash reporting

– Add storage permission dialog for Android 6.0

– Various bugs fix


PaperSimple 2017

Download PaperSimple

Download PaperSimple APK

PaperSimple for Android

Download PaperSimple for Android

Download PaperSimple APK for Android

PaperSimple 1.1.1 screenshot

PaperSimple screenshot 0PaperSimple screenshot 1PaperSimple screenshot 2PaperSimple screenshot 3PaperSimple screenshot 4PaperSimple screenshot 5PaperSimple screenshot 6PaperSimple screenshot 7PaperSimple screenshot 8

PaperSimple apk video

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OneMob – Video Messaging Latest Version APK for Android

OneMob - Video Messaging download
OneMob – Video Messaging download

Start recording, sharing, and discovering videos internally and externally today. OneMob – Video Messaging is offered by OneMob, Inc.. Last Updated: October 02, 2016. Current Version:

Start recording, sharing, and discovering videos internally and externally today.

– Record videos up to 5 minutes even when offline
– Make videos engaging and professional with your company logo, filters, and text overlay
– Add and manage contacts in OneMob

– Watch videos from internal teammates
– Discover new videos your team is already using

– Share videos directly from the app to start tracking activity
– Track detailed analytics in real-time

Visit to signup and start using OneMob on your iPhone or iPad.


OneMob – Video Messaging 2017

OneMob – Video Messaging screenshot

OneMob - Video Messaging screenshot 0OneMob - Video Messaging screenshot 1OneMob - Video Messaging screenshot 2OneMob - Video Messaging screenshot 3OneMob - Video Messaging screenshot 4

Download apk file:

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GSIM – Galgotias College ERP and Social Mobile Application.


Galgotias College ERP and Social Mobile Application.

GSIM screenshot 0GSIM screenshot 1GSIM screenshot 2GSIM screenshot 3GSIM screenshot 4GSIM screenshot 5

Welcome to Galgotias College ERP and Social Mobile app.
ERP Features:
Now your daily attendance,today attendance,subject wise attendance, timetable, library details such as fine and books issued are just a click away.
Get your Attendance in % instead of the long decoding progress.
This app just shows the values from the ERP website in fast and minimal way.
Also contains auto login feature for faster access.
The developer is not at all responsible for the contents begin true or not.But feel free to contact.
Social Features:
Now with Push Notifications,News Feed, Archive Pad, Branch Wise Chat.


Ayush Jain

See more information and download apk file:

My Calls Timing Ad – A calls timing app.

My Calls Timing Ad

A calls timing app.

My Calls Timing Ad screenshot 0My Calls Timing Ad screenshot 1My Calls Timing Ad screenshot 2

For those who are not on un-limited voice plan from your country mobile network operators, you are usually given only certain minutes of free calls before they start to bill you for the extra minutes every month. E.g you may be given 100% incoming calls free but only 100 minutes outgoing free. Hence you would like to keep your outgoing calls to under 100 minutes each month.

The application provides a way for you to monitor your incoming/outgoing calls usage minutes before the whole month is up. It is like some early warning buffer to curb your calls usage before they go way above your voice plan limit and incur hefty bills later.

The incoming and outgoing minutes are monitored month by month basis. Store for past 12 months statistics.

Please note this application monitored timings are estimated as it read from the smart-phone and most likely may differ a bit from the mobile network operators back-end server logs file. That is, the timing may not correspond EXACTLY to the bill you receive every month but it is a close approximation and hopefully it can help you to control your calls usage BEFORE the bill is sent to you every month.

The application support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese display.

Download apk file:

Secure Document Storage – Provides secure internal storage for documents

Secure Document Storage

Provides secure internal storage for documents

Secure Document Storage screenshot 0Secure Document Storage screenshot 1Secure Document Storage screenshot 2

Apps require full access to your Android device’s file storage as a matter of course, and who really knows what they do with that access?

Secure Document Storage (SDS) provides secure on-device storage for documents using Android’s Storage Access Framework (SAF). You can use your apps to save files to or load files from this storage using Android’s builtin secure file browser.

For additional security, the optional “file-wall” feature prevents apps from accessing your files without your explicit permission.

SDS can NOT be opened directly. It is for use from other apps. For example, the builtin GMail app will allow you to select attachments from your secure storage. You can also import documents into secure storage using the “send” or “share” feature of many apps, such as Google Drive.


* When saving to secure storage from the “save as” feature of compatible apps, or renaming files using the “rename” feature of compatible apps, SDS automatically appends an appropriate file extension as necessary. However, for advanced users, SDS also supports the Windows trick of suppressing this behavior by typing your desired filename in double quotes.
* The “search” feature supports operators for conducting more advanced searches. Supported operators are always listed at the end of your search results. If you’re not sure how to use an operator, just give it a try. Helpful feedback is displayed if your search is not understood.

Note: Screenshots depict system components and other apps not included in this download.

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