HD Balloon Wallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

download HD Balloon Wallpaper apk
download HD Balloon Wallpaper apk

Smart Android HD Balloon Wallpaper Integrate cool HD tansitition effects. HD Balloon Wallpaper is offered by Best HD Free Live Wallpapers. Last Updated: September 26, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

Meet the first app that in 1 click will turn any Wallpaper into a memorable one!
Meet New HD Balloon Wallpapers.
The HD Balloon Wallpapers app feature free, easy to download, beautiful wallpapers to personalize your home or lock screen.
Enjoy a totally new way to customize your screen: from beautiful Balloon animations to Balloon, fire, space and a lot more!
We add new live Balloon wallpapers every week, so there’s always something new to enjoy!
HD Balloon Wallpapers and Background
10000+ Wallpapers is constantly updated with new screenshots of trending and exclusive images for you to use on Android, Smart Phone and Tablet.
Optimized for OS 6 and OS 9!
Like quotes on your images? HD Balloon Wallpapers and Background will help you choose other backdrops that match your favorites. Furthermore, a lot of WELL-DESIGNED, UNIQUE wallpapers are only available in our app.
Get access to custom Live Wallpapers that will animate your lock screen and bring it to life! Select a Live Wallpaper from our catalog, and when you 3D Touch your screen it will start animating. Show it off to your friends!
HD Balloon Wallpapers and Background just for you!
HD Balloon Wallpapers and Background Daily Update!!! Download right NOW FREE!
HD Balloon Wallpapers and Background is custom wallpapers for your Android and Master Tablte Touch

– Use “Settings” menu to optimize the app as you wish
– Use “Contact Us” to tell us what wallpapers you want and we will respond very soon
– Use “Preview” to check out the effect of new wallpapers on your devices
– Use “Like” to add images into your favorites
– Use “Save” button to save pics to your phone
– Trendy patterns and freshests designs
– Quotes and Sayings
– Lock Screen Designs
– Easy to use of Balloon Wallpaper
– Choose category right at the Apple Watch;
– The function of synchronization with your iOS;
– Share your favorite Balloon wallpapers.
– See the animated backgrounds in slide or grid mode
– Save the Balloon wallpapers you like the most to your Camera Roll
– Set the saved wallpapers as Live Photo wallpapers for your lockscreen
– All wallpapers are full HD
– Perfectly support OS 6, Android Mobile, Tablete, Home Screen, Lock Screen
– Optimized function of Recommended Wallpapers.
– Images optimized for retina display.
– Preview feature: just tap the screen to bring up the icons and get a complete look
– Landscape and Portrait images available for Android, iPad and iPhone

Create a new look for your Android screen every day!
NEW wallpapers are added every day!
Create a new look of your device, as much often, as you want!
Check holiday wallpapers before every Holiday!
Please note that if your device does not support 3D Touch, you can only set Live Photos as standard (non-animated) wallpapers.


HD Balloon Wallpaper APK

Download HD Balloon Wallpaper

Download HD Balloon Wallpaper APK

HD Balloon Wallpaper for Android

Download HD Balloon Wallpaper for Android

Download HD Balloon Wallpaper APK for Android

HD Balloon Wallpaper 1.0 screenshot

HD Balloon Wallpaper screenshot 0HD Balloon Wallpaper screenshot 1HD Balloon Wallpaper screenshot 2HD Balloon Wallpaper screenshot 3

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Celestial Navigator Latest Version APK for Android

Celestial Navigator download
Celestial Navigator download

For calculations of sights, celestial data, almanac, rise set, wind, sailings. Celestial Navigator is offered by Marine solutions. Last Updated: September 26, 2016. Current Version: 3.2

Celestial Navigator is a must have app for mariners and any other person interested in celestial navigation.
It features a rise set and merpass calculator, a line of position and compass error including gyro calculator , a celestial fix calculator (with auto run up and dead reckoning),an almanac of sun,moon,planets and 58 navigational stars.It supports the three most widely used navigational methods for calculation of lines of position i.e. intercept,long by chronometer and latitude by meridian altitude.
It also features a true wind calculator (giving wind speed and direction,dew point and relative humidity),an eta calculator (multiple results are shown at a time depending upon the user settings),a sailing calculator featuring great circle and Mercator sailing calculators along with intermediate point calculator.
It also displays the device’s position(lat,long,speed,cog) from the GPS and the compass heading.
The accuracy of the results displayed has been thoroughly tested with the US navy website, the nautical almanac of 2013.The results are with in 10-15 seconds which is accurate enough for sea.
Please read the help carefully.

The app contains can export the almanac data and celestial observations data to the external SD card.

Latest Updates

Fixed Crashes due to Permissions.


Celestial Navigator 2017

Celestial Navigator APK

Download Celestial Navigator

Download Celestial Navigator APK

Celestial Navigator for Android

Download Celestial Navigator for Android

Download Celestial Navigator APK for Android

Celestial Navigator 3.2 screenshot

Celestial Navigator screenshot 0Celestial Navigator screenshot 1Celestial Navigator screenshot 2Celestial Navigator screenshot 3Celestial Navigator screenshot 4Celestial Navigator screenshot 5Celestial Navigator screenshot 6Celestial Navigator screenshot 7Celestial Navigator screenshot 8Celestial Navigator screenshot 9Celestial Navigator screenshot 10Celestial Navigator screenshot 11Celestial Navigator screenshot 12Celestial Navigator screenshot 13Celestial Navigator screenshot 14

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Super GeoGPS Full Latest Version APK for Android

Super GeoGPS Full download
Super GeoGPS Full download

Tool for those working in surveying, mapping, construction, transportation,… Super GeoGPS Full is offered by ThSoft Co.,Ltd. Last Updated: September 26, 2016. Current Version: 5.2

Super GeoGPS Full version with a fully-featured

This is the best tool for those working in surveying, mapping, construction, transportation, planning… It supports high precision GPS and Glonass navigation in fieldwork surveys.

This tool is designed for Civil Engineer, Surveyor, Civil Surveyor, Land Surveying and Topografia

The typical functions of Super GeoGPS:
★ Super GeoGPS: Available many common reference systems, allows to set up more other reference systems.
★ Super GeoGPS: Easy to finding waypoint on any reference coordinate systems by display direction, compass, distance, load Google maps. (for Civil Engineer and Surveyor)
★ Super GeoGPS: Used 7 transformations parameters to automatically convert between Geographic and UTM Coordinates. Synchronize Google map with UTM zone.
★ Super GeoGPS: Support convert between Geographic and UTM coordinates. Convert UTM coordinates between different zone.
★ Super GeoGPS: Measuring current waypoint high precision. Routing and automatically collect coordinates on the way by cycle preset then create a text file coordinates to easily attach to email or export to your computer.
★ Super GeoGPS: Avoid stray is tool will marking point along the way and shows direction to come back, It support those who take the survey in the forests and mountains, sea, or traveling.
★ Super GeoGPS: Support GPS and Glonass
– Geological Compass tool
– Management of waypoint file (multi waypoint file)
– Export waypoint file to excel or text file
– Touch on Google map to add point
– Calculate the area (2D)
– Geological camera
– Compass adjustment
★ Super GeoGPS
– Fast config
– Add all of WGS84 central meridian.
– Tools for measuring distance between 2 devices
★ Super GeoGPS – Geodetic coordinates/UTM with:
– WGS1984
– WGS1972
– NAD1983/1927
– VN2000
– Austria NS
– Belgium 50
– Nouv Trig de France 1

Super GeoGPS support 6 common language in the world (English, French, Chinese, Russia, Spanish and Vietnamese)

What’s New

– new design screen

– input new waypoint use map, use keyboard, use file.

– import multil file


Super GeoGPS Full 2017

Super GeoGPS Full for Android

Download Super GeoGPS Full for Android

Download Super GeoGPS Full APK for Android

Super GeoGPS Full 5.2 screenshot

Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 0Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 1Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 2Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 3Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 4Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 5Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 6Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 7Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 8Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 9Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 10Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 11Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 12Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 13Super GeoGPS Full screenshot 14

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TouchRight Latest Version APK for Android

TouchRight download
TouchRight download

We help letting agents compile property reports with ease using technology. TouchRight is offered by TouchRight Software. Last Updated: September 26, 2016. Current Version: 4.2.2

Welcome to TouchRight Software. We help letting agents and property managers compile property reports with ease using technology. Award-winning TouchRight is a simple, easy to use web and mobile app that takes the pain out of creating property reports. Our cloud-based software as a service solution puts you in control and helps cut down on paperwork. You can add even more value to your management services and comply with TDS guidelines by creating a host of bespoke property reports including inventories, mid-terms, check ins and check outs, in a fraction of the time, making the most of your Android device!

Get More Done, Efficiently.
TouchRight is instinctive, quick and easy to use at a property, so a report can be created instantly with a few simple clicks. Leave your clipboard, pen and camera in the office!

Stand Out from the Crowd.
Don’t be held back by restrictive report templates. Get the perfect reports by designing your own with the simple yet powerful report builder.

Anywhere, Anytime.
Securely access and edit your reports anytime from anywhere. Share your reports instantly by emailing a PDF report directly from the Dashboard to your Landlords, reducing delays.

Add More Value.
Create quality reports by adding your own custom branding, colours and terms and conditions to get a professional report that your Landlords will love.

Work Smarter with your Team.
Get more productivity from your Android devices by using TouchRight to produce a consistent, high-quality report every time. Use technology to link property reports together, so you can compare and update multiple times across the tenancy lifecycle. API integrations including Fixflo and Qube available, with more to come.

Low-Cost Solution.
Flexible monthly plans available to suit your business needs. All inclusive with no contracts, unlimited report storage and users.

FREE 5 Property Trial.
Create as many property reports as you need for each property, with no limits on users or devices.

PLEASE NOTE: This app works alongside a web app and cannot be used as a standalone mobile app.

What’s New

– Additional report template options

– Report workflow improvements

– Bug fixes


TouchRight 2017

Download TouchRight for Android

Download TouchRight APK for Android

TouchRight 4.2.2 screenshot

TouchRight screenshot 0TouchRight screenshot 1TouchRight screenshot 2TouchRight screenshot 3TouchRight screenshot 4TouchRight screenshot 5TouchRight screenshot 6TouchRight screenshot 7TouchRight screenshot 8TouchRight screenshot 9TouchRight screenshot 10TouchRight screenshot 11TouchRight screenshot 12TouchRight screenshot 13

TouchRight apk video

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Управление хостингом Timeweb Latest Version APK for Android

download Управление хостингом Timeweb apk
download Управление хостингом Timeweb apk

Managed Hosting from your mobile at any time convenient for you. Управление хостингом Timeweb is offered by Timeweb Co., Ltd.. Last Updated: September 26, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.6

Managed Hosting from your mobile at a convenient time for you. Information about hosting the consultation and support service is now available on your mobile device.

Regardless of the location, you get access to useful information about the host and the full functional control panel.

The new channel of communication with the support of live chat will allow you to get answers to your questions without resorting to the creation of tickets. See notifications from the company’s mobile phone.

With the web hosting control panel, you can easily:
• replenish an account
• to monitor traffic to the site
• obtain information on the tariff plan
• register domains
• Back up site

Choose the speed and ease of operation with the control panel hosting Timeweb.

Latest Updates

Исправлена ошибка “Доступ запрещен” для некоторых аккаунтов.


Управление хостингом Timeweb 2017

Управление хостингом Timeweb for Android

Download Управление хостингом Timeweb for Android

Download Управление хостингом Timeweb APK for Android

Управление хостингом Timeweb 1.0.6 screenshot

Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 0Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 1Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 2Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 3Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 4Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 5Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 6Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 7Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 8Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 9Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 10Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 11Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 12Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 13Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 14Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 15Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 16Управление хостингом Timeweb screenshot 17

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Lock Me Out Latest Version APK for Android

Lock Me Out apk
Lock Me Out apk

Are you a phone addict? Use Lock Me Out and commit to some time away. Lock Me Out is offered by TeqTic. Last Updated: September 26, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.3

Lock Me Out is a simple but powerful application that allows you to lock yourself out of your device for a chosen time period. Enjoy some organic device-free, distraction-free time!

You will still have access to the lock screen and its widgets, so you can still make emergency calls, answer calls, and use the camera.

If you have an issue, please use the contact menu option from the app, or email contact@teqtic.com for support before leaving a negative review!

The free version is limited to a lock time of 10 minutes.

French – Kyalumba Anthony

Latest Updates


-Show minutes left in lockscreen notification

-Hide keyboard when locking


-Reduced re-lock delay to 1s

-Added French translation, thanks Anthony!


-Do not allow disabling device admin once lock countdown starts

-Fixed rotating activity turning off device admin

-Slight layout improvement


-No more changing device passwords/PIN! (safer)

-Lock Me Out will simply lock you back out if you unlock the device during your chosen lock out period.

-Updated design


Lock Me Out APK

Download Lock Me Out

Download Lock Me Out APK

Lock Me Out for Android

Download Lock Me Out for Android

Download Lock Me Out APK for Android

Lock Me Out 2.0.3 screenshot

Lock Me Out screenshot 0Lock Me Out screenshot 1Lock Me Out screenshot 2

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Core Inspection Latest Version APK for Android

Core Inspection apk
Core Inspection apk

Powerful inspection software built for service teams. Core Inspection is offered by Core Inspection Software. Last Updated: September 26, 2016. Current Version: 3.19.0

Core Inspection App works together in conjunction with online software solution to assist companies monitor, service and maintain high value and high risk equipment and machinery.

The software was developed after many years of working with service providers in demanding environments where productivity and reliability are critical.

Understanding these challenges, we created a web-enabled inspection solution that eliminates the paper trail and significantly improves productivity. Our tailored Core Inspection solution will help you manage proprietary or third party equipment using proven ‘in field’ technology.

Contact us today support@coreinspection.com to find out how we can streamline your business.

Latest Updates

Minor bug fixes.


Core Inspection 2017

Core Inspection for Android

Download Core Inspection for Android

Download Core Inspection APK for Android

Core Inspection 3.19.0 screenshot

Core Inspection screenshot 0Core Inspection screenshot 1Core Inspection screenshot 2Core Inspection screenshot 3Core Inspection screenshot 4Core Inspection screenshot 5

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